The introduction of measures identified poor staff pension and social security income is not included in the Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Wei Zhang Ning) yesterday morning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "measures" destitute persons identified, made detailed provisions on the poor personnel standards, application procedures etc.. According to the way of urban and rural elderly and disabled, minors under the age of 16, at the same time have no ability to work, no source of income, will be unable to support, maintenance, maintenance obligations or its legal obligation to fulfill their obligations to the poor relief personnel shall be included in the scope of support. Jiang Wei, deputy director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Division of social assistance, to a total of eight chapters twenty-nine, focusing on the conditions, the identification procedure, poor staff self-care ability assessment standard has made specific provisions. In that condition, the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the basis of summarizing the practice experience, suitable for the poor staff work to identify the "three noes", namely the ability to work, no source of income, will be unable to support, maintenance, maintenance or legal obligations to fulfill legal obligations without ability of the specific circumstances were clear. Previously, all in that poor people, mostly in accordance with the "three noes" standard, but the specific how to define the "three noes", there is no uniform standard. In accordance with the release of "cognizance method", no ability to work situations include: 60 years of age or older, minors under 16 years of age and disability grade one or two of the intellectual and mental disabilities, disability rating for a class of physically disabled persons etc.. In this one that has no source of income, as mentioned in the measures, including income wage income, operating income, net income and property transfer net income and other income, but does not include the basic pension, basic pension insurance for urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance, social insurance and social welfare allowance etc.. In addition, the regulations also stipulate that minors under the age of 16 at the same time, in accordance with the conditions to support orphans and poor relief personnel requirements, should be included in the orphan basic life coverage is no longer recognized as destitute persons. At the same time, the method also for destitute persons living self-care ability assessment criteria for the classification, and the provisions of the termination of several rescue support situation. > > construction of 1 poor staff support 1.3 times how Jiang Wei standard is generally not less than the minimum standard, the past is to support the way to support the standard designation, divided into centralized and decentralized support to support the standard standard two. The rural poor people, the current national average living standard of centralized support is 6385 yuan per year, decentralized support is 4844 yuan per year. The highest standard of concentration is Tianjin, reaching 17183 yuan per capita; the lowest is Guizhou Province, only $4250. The highest standard of decentralized support is Shanghai, with an annual average of 13800 yuan per person; the lowest is Guizhou Province, with an annual average of only $2726. The city of the past "three noes" into the main city residents, the city residents average national standard is 473 yuan per person per month, the highest is 880 yuan in Shanghai City, for example, generally full minimum average of 473 yuan, and then on this basis, to improve the general.相关的主题文章: