The proportion of facial features and facial framework of the impact of the United States concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (text: doctor Chen Shidong, President of the Taiwan Ibero American micro-blog facial beauty clinic) mentioned the proportion of people most often say that the three court five, people often say there are three chambers and five eyes in the face, there is a proportion of gold face, it seems that this is the star face, really? Beauty in the end is the opposite? Or absolutely? Often done good facial features, and people did not feel a star face, the most important thing is not like but with the framework features, the proportion is not the same, the framework includes bone, muscle and fat and skin condition, so as a plastic surgeon in us, in the aesthetic pursuit of not only single perfect, more important is to coordinate with the face frame ratio. The most common example of the proportion of facial features and facial frames is that when we get thinner, a lot of people say that they are young, good-looking and handsome Because without him, the same face is the smaller the young, so change the small facial fat thin, face frame feel small, natural to young people feel handsome or beautiful; it is easy to understand, facial features and frame ratio is usually more attractive, of course, this is in reasonable proportion, thinner when the frame becomes small, features the same size, natural feel proportion, like a thinner face ten percent, the denominator becomes small, natural that facial features of this molecule is increased, the eye also enlarged, the nose is also high, naturally became a handsome good-looking. In the aesthetic, the three division is to face up and divided into three parts, from the hairline to the foot of the mountain, on the face, nose to root Yamane people, for the people in the face to the chin, to face, to the three division standards to achieve is lower the face is the same, it will conform to the sense of beauty, but the lower court to face three should the court as the standard? Is on the face? In the face? Or the next face? Three court five above the face, each person different hairline position, some high, some low forehead, some prominent, some depression, which will produce the forehead width have changed greatly and the hairline position is easy with the time and then move, as the standard easy to produce a large deviation, so the above for face is not suitable for, and his face is only related to the facial features of facial features in the eyebrows, eyebrows, because through makeup or tattoo on the improvement, basically the length effect on the court a little. The face, the actual length and visual length are different, depending on the chin of the situation, some people are chin Alice, some is flat, the actual length, we measure is to to the lowest point of the chin people, but in the visual length, we will only pay attention to Alice points to the chin, because some will want to make a pointed chin, but let the chin look shorter, and the most relevant chin chin is the mouth, some medium length, but with a thin lips, that proportion is matched, but with a full pout. Chin is short, the proportion is not so good. In addition, the fullness around the mouth is also very important.相关的主题文章: