The guy looking for thousands of miles "girlfriend" was abducted into MLM dens Beijing – newspaper news (reporter Li Haipan) to Yinchuan to find a "girlfriend" Zhao Tao (a pseudonym), is the first ride the people injured, and then kidnapped. Son received a phone call, Zhao Tao’s father quickly alarm, Xixia District Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade investigation found that Zhao Tao is in the marketing organization. September 17th, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Fujian, Fuzhou, from the province of Yinchuan to the police, his 22 year old son came to Yinchuan to see his girlfriend, but met with an accident. Originally, Mr. Zhao’s son Zhao Tao to work in a hotel in Fujian, September 11th to inform the family to go to Xixia District of Yinchuan city with his "girlfriend". September 13th, Mr. Zhao suddenly received a phone call from Zhao Tao, said he will hit people riding in Yinchuan, to give each other treatment costs $40 thousand, the tone is full of grievances, Mr. Zhao worry to the son’s bank card hit 5000 yuan. Did not think 3 days later, Mr. Zhao again received Zhao Tao being tied up beaten photos, each other also claimed that, if not to give Zhao Tao the money, Zhao Tao will handle". Mr. Zhao is aware of the seriousness of the situation after the night from Fujian to Yinchuan City Xixia district police brigade police. After the alarm, the police quickly identified Zhao Tao be controlled marketing organization. After a thorough investigation, the evening of 18, the West Garden Police Brigade squadron destroyed MLM dens, seized 23 sales personnel on the spot, Zhao Tao was not in these people. But careful police found before a marketing staff Zhang and Zhao Tao met with the "girlfriend" like, after confirmation, Zhang really is Zhao Tao ‘girlfriend appointment". According to Zhang, he mainly through to find the object way cheated to Yinchuan, Zhao Tao 12, arrived in Xixia district was brought to a rented house. According to clues, September 19th, the police will save Zhao Tao.相关的主题文章: