Sichuan basket marksman: there should be a strong mentality but to put their own low position Meng Da: to have a strong mentality of sports Tencent October 24th news (reporter Chen Yueze) recently, the Sichuan men’s basketball team in the preseason CBA Mianyang station (micro-blog) third games, 118 to 128 lost to the Shenzhen team, the three preseason ended 1 wins 2 of the negative record. After the game in an interview, the Sichuan men’s basketball veteran Meng Da spoke about the team’s prospects for the new season, said the need to maintain a strong mentality, but also to lower their position. On the season, with the aid of three of the outstanding play, the Sichuan team to get a team in the history of the first CBA Championship trophy. However, with the loss of three foreign aid qualifications, Meng Da also admitted that the Sichuan team in the new season will encounter no small difficulties. "It should be said that it is still adjusting to, foreign aid teams arrived not long time, Liu Wei is still with the team running, including with teammates and coaches to communicate how to adapt to the game, Hadadi will soon train, or go step by step, this year is certainly very difficult, we should have a strong mentality, but still have to lower their position." Meng Da said. It is worth mentioning that, in the last preseason game, the team point guard Wang Ruheng sprained ankle helpless to leave. For the role of Wang Ruheng in the team, Meng Da has also given a good evaluation, he said: "Wang Ruheng played well, passing the team organization ah, ah, the series was pretty good, the (last season) and playoff series to the national team training and experience great help to him, after coming back grow fast." But when it comes to their new season, how to adjust the time, Meng Da said: "the main or their shots, there is to maintain physical fitness and health, also should have a positive attitude, play a role of the old players."相关的主题文章: