The giant panda base in Shanghai re transmission of news twin brother and sister has the full moon October 4th panda youyou in Shanghai successfully gave birth to twins twins baby. November 4th is the panda twins within days of the full moon, when the staff while the mother panda "wash" the brother and sister hold into the nursery, which is "siblings" since the birth of the first "met", is the first time with "box", live in a crib. The eyes and ears of the siblings to the site have been long hair, eyes have "panda eyes", chubby body, occasionally a few twisting, charmingly naive look for joy. The staff made a full moon examination for them, although weight increased to 1350 grams; treasure two weight 1168 grams. The boys have strong limbs, the growth indicators are in good condition, is a pair of dynamic giant panda brother and sister". According to reports, the morning of October 4th, "youyou" began to appear obvious prenatal behavior, frequent cleaning, cunnilingus breast, along with the spirit of irritability, more walking, or even walk on the wall. At 16:30 in the afternoon youyou birth to a son, after a lapse of 16 minutes, and gave birth to two cubs. The staff in the field, if the child is twin baby panda, a panda mom usually ignored or rejected is weak, choose a strong one for feeding, this is their reproductive strategy, it can guarantee the survival rate of certain. In October 4th a baby panda youyou in the labour room after the successful delivery, immediately stooped to baby panda from the ground "hold", in his arms, began the process of natural feeding. However, after ten minutes of youyou and gave birth to a cub head, then youyou show the nature of such behavior, just gave birth to pups born only be careless with, previously a nurturing. In order to ensure the survival of the two baby pandas at the same time, the staff will be the first time the two treasure out of artificial feeding. Due to the poor condition of the birth of the two treasure, the staff did not dare to relax for a moment, and its monitoring and nursing for 24 hours, after feeding for 10 days, the situation is stable in the two treasure. During the fifth days when the staff in the 2 cubs were on the two, treasure from mother youyou feeding, Dabao out of artificial feeding. In the early stage of artificial feeding, the cubs every 2 hours of artificial defecation, artificial feeding every 4 hours at a time; as I grew up panda twins, interval feeding and defecation will lengthen, the 2 giant panda cubs are based on breastfeeding. This is the first time in Shanghai base artificial rearing and replacement techniques. The first full moon panda twins appeared at the same time (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: