The food and Drug Administration inspectors Shen food safety more than and 300 "black out" rolled off the Gansu food and Drug Administration sampling food coliform bacteria exceed the standard of Shenyang food and drug administration departments in the implementation of network food safety special inspection operations for three months, has been handling the case of undocumented network business 9, third party merchants cleared off the line more than 380 households. The special inspection, take the urban linkage way, law enforcement forces to mobilize the county, to conduct random checks on the network ordering platform and business operators. The inspectors found that the main problems include: employees without health examination qualified certificates; no food business license business network; some businesses poor food safety facilities and health units; food procurement certificate and invoice records are not full; super scope salad; business online registration address or network name and business registration and licensing does not conform to the certificate etc.. Including the main problems in the third party network ordering platform: lax catering service unit "catering service license" review, no "catering unit sales network catering service license"; lax catering units of the network address through the network examination, merchants selling food to a false address. To solve the above problems, the food and drug administration departments to take corresponding measures, including: interviews with the third party platform relevant responsible person, shall notify the inspection results, public examination results, to strengthen the network website review requirements; the third party platform of the network has been re catering units strictly examine qualification, clean up undocumented network businesses, ordered offline processing, no documents on-line merchants sales requirements; the third party platform assigned to visit stores regularly, does not meet the requirements of catering units for offline processing at any time; for the new third party platform in food business units should strictly examine the relevant qualifications, no legal procedures for approval of units will be net sales of food; the network platform will be gradually catering units the relevant documents photos published in the website, so that law enforcement agencies and public supervision, prevent undocumented Units into the network platform to sell food.相关的主题文章: