The famous Hangzhou fried shop fined the penalty of 200 thousand trial 3 hours inconclusive "to eat the best" because most of the characters should be fined 200 thousand chestnuts? The 3 hours of inconclusive preliminary reports: Hangzhou Fang Lin Fu’s word was fined 200 thousand business still Market Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou fire prosecution for the most famous fried shop fined 200 thousand words authority: This is the lowest line (Figure  ); Hangzhou famous fried store in new advertising law fined 200 thousand and 2 1 August hearing (Fig.) at 2 yesterday afternoon to Hangzhou West Lake court, the high level has been set up a lot of seats, television host angle began to live. Behind them, a man of medium height by reporters around the middle, his beige Burberry Pattern Scarf in this exceptionally cold air coming in the afternoon loud. He is 46 year old Fang Linfu, because of their own propaganda chestnuts roasted seeds and nuts such as with the "most", by the market supervision bureau fined 200 thousand yuan. He said to a number of microphones: I do business with conscience, not to fight for the tone of the lawsuit, but requires the administrative departments to have a basis for punishment, but also more humane. He refused to accept the punishment for administrative reconsideration is to maintain the results and Market Supervision Bureau Fang Linfu fry shop located in Xixi Road, a little famous, every year to sweet scented osmanthus fragrance of the season, Lin Fu fry shop often lined up the door, everyone ran to his home to the chestnut. At the beginning of this year, the store came two men, bought half a catty sugar fried chestnut. They found the chestnut brown paper bag printed with "Hangzhou’s best shops, they think the food" the word "most" in violation of the new law of the advertisement, the requesting party lost 1000 Yuan Lin fu. Fang Linfu think this thing is too strange, and on the spot refused. A few days later, Lin Fu received in Xihu District Market Supervision Administration issued the administrative penalty hearing this book: ordered to stop publishing using top advertising vocabulary, and punished 200 thousand yuan. This thing with the court yesterday in the market regulators said they were "received a report from consumers," the corresponding up. Later because of Fang Lin Fu Yi Lu does not recognize, apply for administrative reconsideration, the reconsideration is to maintain, so only yesterday, Fang Linfu had made the punishment of the Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau and make the administrative reconsideration decision of the Hangzhou municipal market supervision bureau together to court. Fang Lin Fu: the fact that the punishment is too heavy penalties for the court, the defendant’s market regulator said, Lin Fu wrong in his absolute propaganda terms". For example, fry shop post east west one to write "the best in Hangzhou, bags of chestnuts roasted" written more exaggerated, "the best Chinese eat chestnuts", "one of the world’s most high-end chestnut" etc.. But Lin rich, lawyers pointed out: "you said I in violation of advertising law, so I end the publicity, is a violation of the legal provisions of the" national "or" most advanced ", and what I was released, in fact some publicity is only for 3 days, these are not you it belongs to, the facts are unclear.相关的主题文章: