The Double Ninth Festival   Huaibei WeChat group of friends pay tribute to Suixi war veterans (Figure) – Anhui Channel – October 10 Huaibei Xinhua (Yang Kun Zou Chenguang Guo Weiwei) in October 9th, the Double Ninth Festival, Suixi County, Huaibei City Han Cun Zhen Da Yin village. 9 in the morning to Pan Jixiang’s home he never met a group of young people". Green vest, red flags, bright smile, pure heart, no one will know in detail, this group of young people have a common name — volunteers. Year old Pan Jixiang nearly 90 years, once the bloody battle, is a heroic warrior in the period of Anti Japanese war. In the 99 Festival approaching, the world is composed of people of Huaibei and Anhui soldiers exchange love alliance, spontaneously went to visit these have made their contribution to the war veterans, check with eye glasses for them, and sent to the Double Ninth Festival gift, listen to the story about the war veterans, let them feel more love and care in old age in. Huaibei people, a warm group. The time was not long, but the love spread far away. From the beginning of one, two people, gradually developed to the ten, the twenty, up to now nearly more than and 200 people. Some of them being engaged in the education industry; some written media, singing some of the outer social justice; migrant workers, ordinary but very happy; some fight to the sea, the grand exhibition enterprise. No matter where they are, how much achievement, in this group, they have a common name, that is, the world of Huaibei". In Huaibei, a small town, it is full of love. Huaibei people, a WeChat group, the same love surge. Back to the year 9 January time. The heavy fog in Xiangcheng, but the Suixi city Huaibei county Zhang Zhuang primary school principals Chen Maosong and her students, such as when the received group have not met well wishers to the children sent 200 sets of books and 50 bags. The hurried pace of the city may still be in a hurry, but eager to learn the knowledge of the child with his favorite bag, sometimes timid and sometimes cheering moment. We know that love, then Unicom everything, more deeply melt everything. Love is a river that never dries. A late May morning, drizzle. "More than 60 loving group of friends people of Huaibei WeChat group was divided into three groups to take Suixi Yue Ji, the heavy rain in the deaf, Duji Shuo, with all the group Friends of the donation, carefully selected gifts and rain could not stop the love to the kids around, to a promise of love. Every item is not valuable. But every one, there are people in tears, full of heart. Due to the poor family, the children of these micro wish, it is difficult to achieve. With the help of these caring people, the children completed the childhood wishes, but also revealed the most brilliant smile. Never know, never know. But the "people of Huaibei" WeChat group volunteers is to "never met good people" identity, embodies the hometown accent, boost the development of his hometown. Time is like water flowing, truth. Yesterday, the Double Ninth Festival, people of Huaibei and Anhui foreign exchange for United soldiers sent love clank hero. Similarly, once launched, it will be相关的主题文章: