The clerk of the court ruling to help forge uncle only administrative demerit recently, some users reflect, community party branch secretary Li Qiang Shenmu Jiye road – Shenmu collude with his niece Li Xiufang forged the clerk of the court ruling, seized Li Qiang name two sets of real estate, the goal is not to let the real Li Qiang property preservation creditors. China Daily reporter survey that Li Qiang and Li Xiufang indeed Shuzhi, together with colleagues Li Xiufang Ma Anjun, has two forged ruling, with its father Liu’s name were blocking and unblocking Li Qiang under the name of the two sets of real estate. In this regard, an investigation by the Shenmu county court found that Li Xiufang’s behavior belongs to the forgery of litigation documents, but only for the given administrative demerit. Informer: nephew together with false decision in September 20th, netizen hair post says Ma Xiong ", and whistleblower Li Baoming Shenmu county Jiye Road Community Party branch secretary Li Qiang two million yuan of debt, in 2015, Li Baoming Li Qiang will be prosecuted to the court for the preservation of property, in Li Qiangming, Li Qiang found the name of two sets of real estate has been sealed preservation of others. After investigation, Li Baoming found, seized Li Qiang name ruled instruments "(2013) God min Chu Zi No. 05667 case, Liu Mousu is a cloud, a new loan case, without any relationship with Li Qiang. Li Baoming then learned that this document issued by the ruling Shenmu county court clerk Li Xiufang Li Qiang’s nieces, and No. 05667 in the case of Liu Li Xiufang’s father-in-law. That the above situation, Li Baoming suspect Li Qiang in order not to allow him to seize the full name of the house under the protection of the name, deliberately let the false written verdict of the book of Li Xiufang. In July 2016, Li Baoming visits to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Shenmu Shenmu county court room and report the matter. Treatment: a person who forged a demerit without incident in August 25, 2016, Shenmu Shenmu County Commission for Discipline Inspection petition room to court issued a document, Li Xiufang Li Baoming asked questions reflect. In September 2nd, Shenmu county court investigation reply to discipline petition room, and make a decision. A survey of Shenmu county court: on October 2013, when Shenmu Jinjie court court clerk Li Xiufang, his father-in-law Liu’s seven folk lending case to Jinjie court. However, in the absence of formal registration of these cases, the clerk served a summons. Of which six cases successfully closed (including (2013) God min Chu Zi No. 05667 cases), seventh case of Lee uncle Li Xiufang Li Qiang’s father-in-law Hideyoshi litigation loan case has not been closed. In March 24, 2014, Li Xiufang secretly made (2013) No. 05667-1 ruling God minchuzi and on the same day to the Shenmu county housing service, Li Qiang seized two sets of real estate. In September 29, 2015, Li Xiufang was transferred to the clerk of the court court Shenmu Jinjie court Ma Anjun, and forged (2013) God minchuzi No. 05667-2 ruling, in Shenmu county on 6 November 2015, the Housing Authority will be served, Li Qiang two sets of real estate. After investigation, the case number (2013) God min Chu Zi No. 05667 case, Liu Mousu is a cloud, a new lending case has nothing to do with Li Qiang sensitive相关的主题文章: