The Champions League victory, all sports recommended: Fire brush data – Sohu game time: 2016 11.02          Wednesday   03:45 0.98    asian handicap:  ;       2.5      Rostov       1.06  0.88 European index:     8.50      20 match Preview: in recent years in Simonyi’s reign to the first-line giants Atletico have been close, the last 3 seasons, the team has two Champions League Cup final, it can be seen that they have the ability to compete champion. Of course, they still lack experience and background a little heat, over time, the team will be able to top of europe. Last week the league team in the home court 4 to 2 victory over Malaga, the team is not due to the Champions League Cup forces deliberately left. The first leg clash Atletico away only victory over Rostov, the score of course difficult to satisfy Simonyi, Calderon returned to the stadium, sheets Legion expecting a fully and delightfully victory. The Champions League qualifying prospects are not optimistic about the nature of Rostov for the first time in the 3 round of the group stage, after their only product 1 points in the bottom panel, basic outlet is not possible, the visit to the Spanish team only with learning attitude to face competition. Handicap chase two team strength gap, betting agencies also see this, the early exponential parameter Atletico 2.5 deep dish, which is in Ma Jing in the Champions League Cup to disc most overbearing once the Ladbrokes company made 2.75 deep plate, plate potential fully reflects the gap between the two teams. Atletico recent home 5 winning streak, the Asian game is to win the game to lose 1 of the game, the ability to win the game is extremely good, 4. Rostov is a worm away team, their last 9 away 2 flat 7 negative, 1 2 lost 6 odds to win, not too many analysts believe the lottery also know how to choose the way about Atletico win. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 6:1, 5:0 Beijing single field Atletico (-2) ball, SMG recommended: 3 let the ball Shengping Fu Ma Jing (-2), recommended: 3相关的主题文章: