The average age is 70 years old. Why are Nobel laureates so old? Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in this year’s Nobel prize has been announced, the average age of the winner reached 72 years old, but it is not always seen from the exchanges. Why are Nobel laureates getting older than they were earlier? The Nobel prize winner the age distribution in the published 2016 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, including physics, chemistry, award winners, all the minimum age is 65 years old, mostly over 72 years old. But dates back to the first half of twentieth Century, when the average age of Nobel winner will be only 56 years old. Take the Nobel prize for physics, for example, and now the winners are basically 65 years of age, and in the last century when the winner of the average age of only 47 years old. In fact, from the beginning of the world in 50s, in all areas of traditional science, there has been a Nobel prize winner of the age of this trend has continued until today. We often hear such a story, said a few hundred years ago, a writer or philosopher of profound knowledge, be learned in books read over all the time, books, and no one can. The story may be true, but there is no doubt that knowledge has been constantly increasing, and even can be used to describe the explosion. But is it because we are faced with so much information and theory today that scientists have been able to make a breakthrough in their later years? This may not be the real answer. The Nobel museum curator Gustaf · Bertrand Kells (GustavKä llstrand) gives his explanation. He said that 100 years ago, the world has only about 1000 physicists, and up to now, it is estimated that the number of global physicists up to 1 million. "This is an important factor. It takes a long time to get a Nobel prize, and you won’t be awarded the Nobel prize immediately, even if you have made a breakthrough in a certain field." He said. Even now, the scientists in their early life has made a scientific research results, but there are other colleagues in the same tens of thousands of research topics, and the Nobel prize selection committee has high inspection standard, a scientific research achievements to win you may need to wait for many years. Nobel prize winner belongs to the national division map but we still have questions. For example, there are a large number of writers, economists or peace enthusiasts to win the Nobel prize, compared with 100 years ago, much more, but their age of winning is very different. Why is the aging trend of the Nobel prize winner more obvious than that of Physiology or medicine? Kyle Strand pointed out that all attributed to the early 20th century, the field of quantum mechanics brought about by the scientific revolution. "In the first half of the 20th century, physics became a rapidly growing field, and many physicists were young, and they soon made important discoveries." Kyle Strand said, "the Nobel committee is aware of these. This is an area of interest to them, and they will soon accept it相关的主题文章: