The ants short rent to Xinhua 15 seconds, millions of red envelopes help Happy Halloween – Sohu tourism ants short rent jointly Xinhua 15 seconds to create millions of red envelopes, help the Halloween party, caused widespread concern about the industry. It is reported that the two sides jointly launched the theme of "Halloween, explore the H5 game has been handed down treasures" grand line in October 27th, and the explosive spread in the network television, Xinhua news agency Xinhua news client,, ZAKER, NetEase, news headlines today, every day, express a little information, Baidu news, free reading, Beijing time, Phoenix News, Sina News channel. Where the theme of the H5 game on the line only the same day, the number of participants involved in breaking through the million mark, opened a national Halloween carnival. Since August 2016, the performance of the ant short rental growth and a new round of brand offensive speed again. September to live on the eleven ants short rent popular outdoor advertising debut in Beijing and other major cities and second tier cities, access to a large number of National Day Golden Week travel users, the rapid occupation of the short travel market rent. October 10th and Sogou ants short big data research institute jointly issued the "2016 eleven" Golden Week "tourism short rental market analysis report", with big data analysis about the real face network "has become the new hot travel accommodation. In October 11th the ants short term upgrade release "tenant peace plan", launched the first short rent pension services industry security standards, the short term industry customer service level to a new level. Xinhua Xinhua network television is 15 seconds to launch the first ultra short news video client, with 15 seconds long video gold as the starting point, the main short video news market, let users in 15 seconds fast and intuitive understanding of the global hot news, is China’s first ultra short news video applications. The ants short rent is the largest online short rent hostel reservation platform dedicated to leisure tourism users with "ant" optimization of high cost short rent apartments, villas and other characteristics, inn Hostel wooden houses. Meet the family accommodation, enjoy the general comfort of home, 50% cheaper than the hotel, the local landlord to do the wizard, is a new choice for family travel. It is reported that the ants short rent 15 seconds after the joint Xinhua, said the two sides will continue to strengthen resource cooperation, jointly build holiday marketing activities!相关的主题文章: