The achievements of the super Unicorn: no dissent, no future – the world science and technology Sohu investment, entrepreneurship has a lot of people, there are a lot of little people, but to become a legend, become a big event, to capture the super unicorn, there must be a special. "The premise is only one: to become a reliable of the dissidents. If you look at the problem in the same way that most people do, then you may succeed, but not a legend. There are many people with different views, but there are few people with different views. Moreover, many views are constantly revised and changed in practice. No one is far sighted enough to be right. If you are a person who has a real big ambition and a big dream, first ask yourself, do you think about the core issues in the field you are engaged in? Do you want to achieve success by working harder? If your way of thinking is like this: "I have to make the best products in the industry." Then you’ll never be a legend. It is nothing more than to be better, to accomplish great things. Because everyone can have the same path dependence. It is through hard work and efforts to optimize and improve, to achieve the ultimate. But the real big opportunity, obviously not from better. Because there is always someone richer than you, more efforts, more intentions. The real big opportunity, must come from different thinking patterns, different product forms, different understanding of user needs. If you fail to do this, it will have to do your own success, small and beautiful products, ordinary success. Great success, always belongs to the different views of the people who are creative. Different views, different operating modes and ways of doing things. As Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes: the first principle of reasoning is far more important than analogical reasoning. "People often use the analogy reasoning that views, such as doing something, we often think the reason for this is because some of the other things that are made, or other people are doing. But from the first principles of reasoning, it must be things carefully, into the basic elements, and then reasoning. Although it takes more effort, the results are often more innovative, because you are from the beginning, not based on what you have achieved." This thinking mode of Elon Musk will not be restricted by the traditional view, he has his own insight and persistence in the core. This is one of the prerequisites for him to become a legend. If you want to be a legend, the first thing you have to do is to think, "what’s the difference between me and the rest of the world?" Why this view is based on the fly? In order to test the different ideas, what measures and plans are prepared to do the tests, to carry out, not for different purposes, but without value. Only by solving this problem can we have a chance to succeed相关的主题文章: