The 75 year old Kunqu artists deep skill myth ballet touched friends – Chen Daoming, Zhu Dan   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment news on Sunday night, Beijing satellite TV, "the image" China heritage, wonderful "open again"! Will pass as a duty of the Kunqu opera performing artists, the immortal classic reproduction of Kunqu Opera "the Peony Pavilion", its strong skill, let the observers Ming Fan quite shocked". However, the actors initiated for the promotion of opera "raise the performance", but the scene in the program caused no small controversy. In the European classical dance heritage Chinese image "myth ballet" Tan Yuanyuan, in order to carry out the "Chinese pride", made efforts to maintain and unimaginable way, deeply touched by all the audience, the observer Ming Fan is excited and praised Tan Yuanyuan: "for your pride!" Inheritance is a kind of responsibility: 75 year old young artists perfectly Xiaosheng actor "raise the Kunqu opera performance" controversy 400 years ago from a song, until now in ecstasies. In the drama master 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu, the 75 year old famous opera performing artist Cai Zhengren, with the name of "the Peony Pavilion" from "the inheritance on the stage China image". Wonderful lyrics, mildly lingering singing in the exquisite interpretation of Kunqu opera artists, once again let the audience feel the charm of Kunqu opera. Old man Cai Zhengren interpretation of the young actor Liu Mengmei perfectly, just perfect, "shocked" the observer Ming Fan: "Cai teacher put this age but also the young people do so in place, eye contact and rhythm are handled properly, the skill is too strong!" As a member of the Youth League of operatic players Ling Ke, is standing throughout the appreciation, to Taiwan on our respect. As one of the oldest Kunqu Opera, has been honored as the "Shanghai", after the mid Qing opera declined. Today, facing the problem of revival and Kunqu Opera carry forward the. In order to attract more young people to understand and accept the Kunqu Opera, popular elements of the young generation of Kunqu Opera actor according to current, launched the "Kunqu opera to raise public performances, the audience raised by the public in the form of a love scene. This depends on the actors themselves to promote, raise funds in the form, not only to allow users to question and do not understand, but also to allow the program to observe the scene and the Youth League members of the hot debate. Youth League members Ling Ke believes that the actors themselves to raise the public, it seems not normal, there should be other people to exercise this heart. Agree the less said: "art to complete in stage performance, is the inheritance and the greatest responsibility to the audience and art, but can survive, there should be other people to help." Wonderful host Liu Yiwei concluded: "Beijing satellite TV as a public television," the image "China heritage as a cultural program, we have the responsibility to spread the traditional culture China to everyone, let more people through this platform, such as the understanding of Kunqu art treasures of Chinese traditional culture feelings, and their It’s perfection itself. timeless classic." Inheritance is to adhere to and pay: Ballet myth behind efforts to move the audience fan.相关的主题文章: