The 2017 Hunan TV new schedule: "big coffee show" regression, teamed up with the Feng Xiaogang Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment 2017 programs (white paper) Sohu entertainment news in October 27th 2017, Hunan TV Advertising Investment Summit will be held in Beijing. As of this year, mango advertising investment heavy activity, this investment will be called the big coffee, gathered together to complete, not only the continuation of the Haikou Advertising Festival during the high popularity, also invited the happy family, Han Lei, Huang Lei, Wowkie Zhang, Zhang Xinyu, such as a dozen guest star portrait help array. Happy family Lv Huanbin investment will be hosted by the happy family. At the meeting, Hunan party secretary, director of radio and television, Hunan radio and Television Group Co., party secretary and chairman Lv Huanbin live "Hunan TV decoding" fighting spirit. At the same time, in 2017 the Hunan satellite TV program new layout announced. The variety, variety large coffee show "regression", "I am a singer" moved to Saturday nights, a series of new variety pay water; TV series, "the" sea animal husbandry "choose day record" clouds "not" solitary Fang shoegaze and a series of big plays in my arms. The new layout 3+4 trump card products 2+21 investment site, in 2017, Hunan satellite TV program layout published concern. The new arrangement can be roughly summarized as: Diamond independent radio theater slimming, move out of week forty o’clock, this time for the Hunan satellite TV dating show, the first quarter is the debut of "brothers" run before the director made single "toshiyoshi Cen war". In addition, "flowers and young", "big coffee variety show" programs such as regression. From the latest exposure of the arrangement, I am a singer moved out of the file on Friday, adjusted to the first quarter of Saturday file. Deputy director of the Hunan satellite TV channel song, Hunan radio and television program transaction management center director Xiao Ning on behalf of the channel officially announced in 2017 the new channel arrangement, 2017 key channel programs and broadcast season activities, 2017 TV series broadcast channel resources, the four quarter of 2016, large-scale activities etc.. 2017 Hunan Weishitong week overall pattern from the original "4+3" to "3+4", from Monday to Wednesday, two week theater broadcast Thursday to Sunday, be made one, 7 show cluster attack. The pattern of the weekend to four seasons and the first broadcast of the classic flagship product, the pattern of the product to create the top five program clusters, the audience continues to lock the pattern of the week, women, weekend young strategy. According to the deputy director of Hunan satellite TV editor Zhou Hai introduced this year, Hunan satellite TV has 21 stalls large sowing season activities, 14 new projects, and will join the production company developed 6 new IP and two key regular programs. Overall count, Hunan TV in 2017 a total of 43 files. Variety: "Feng Xiaogang teamed up with the big coffee variety show" regression terms of variety, the 2017 Hunan TV blockbuster shows include "we have come to the" "I am a singer" "72 odd" building "big coffee variety show" top "master" and so on. It is worth noting that Hunan TV in 2017 and foreign pharmaceutical companies highlights a variety show "Party B", this program is to be with Feng Xiaogang, the well-known screenwriter beam.相关的主题文章: