Tammy Chen Thailand wedding groom tested was sent to wear high-heeled shoes Tencent entertainment news (text Shao Gordon) actress Tammy Chen and her fiance Xue Boren on September 26th in Thailand Chiang Mai held a wedding, the groom is the San Ti Ya medical beauty clinics executive, two people have been in before the lunar new year in the United States registered marriage. The wedding, Cheryl served as one of the bridesmaids and host, and in the "hard" ceremony to tease the groom. The night before the wedding, Dylan Kuo, Xue Boren, Tammy Chen, Peggy, Peter Ho, Yung Hung, Tony Yang and other artists attended the welcome banquet wedding ceremony in order to marry Xue Boren, allegedly groom nervous that can not sleep at night, and in the 26 on the morning of the ceremony, Tammy Chen was friends for a variety of games "bestie". The first game of "true love password" the answer is very simple, is the wedding day, "926", but then the "memory test" love link in the 10 column of the bride’s problem, did not expect the groom second questions wrong, therefore, he was punished to wear high heels to walk. Cheryl also asked the groom to tell the bride in 30 seconds of the 20 bit, the bridegroom said in panic: "big chest, long legs, big ass" etc.. The third is the wife of the declaration, according to the picture, the declaration of "my wife will never be wrong, if it is found that the wife is wrong, is my fault, will harm his wife wrong codes, in addition to read out the declaration, the grave on the card signed his name, to show his loyalty to his wife. After a series of hurdles, Xue Boren finally tears sweating kneeling in front of Tammy Chen, when he picked up the shoes to help Tammy Chen wear, the bride was naughty let him catch the foot, the atmosphere is very lively wedding ceremony. In Tammy Chen leave when their parents, told her father said: "I hope that two people together, the most important is a said of a couple, healthy, safe and sound". Tammy Chen tears responded: "wish mom and dad to take care of your body." It is reported that, in order to match the local hot weather, Tammy Chen was selected by the LinLi Wedding Lin Li workshops tailored for three sets of three sets of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, with advanced imported handmade fabrics, total value of more than one million. The three wedding dress designed by LinLi Wedding Lin Li workshop according to Tammy Chen’s favorite fashion simple style, she has always been proud of the curve will back into the wedding dress design, especially the approach in the wedding day Ido beautiful white, the French Solstiss latest lace cloth, Italy silk satin and other precious fabrics, realize the dream of Tammy Chen retro smart breath. In addition, married in the ceremony of improved cheongsam dress, with dinner dress, also show Tammy Chen innocence and classical atmosphere. [red] Lavender goddess Tammy Chen and fiance appeared相关的主题文章: