Taiwan media: Cai Yingwen "Pro Japan far," Cai Yingwen is in trifles. (graph) original title: Taiwan media: Cai Yingwen "Pro Japan" and "far" in Taiwan news network November 11th Taiwan Chinese trifles "" Wang reported today (11 days) published an article that Trump won the presidential election in the United States, the world too shocked. The authorities do not change the "Pro Japan Cai" "far," the decision to continue with Japan, the United States is far away, close together with practice. The tide of the world has changed, but the Democratic Progressive Party authorities have died of traditional ideology, which is not a good thing for Taiwan’s economy, security and the well-being of the people. The article believes that as an ally of the United States, Japan, Trump was also surprised by the election. Andouble in the U.S. presidential election in September intensified in the United States, and only Hilary talks, betting that obvious. This point with Cai Yingwen’s visit, only to greet Hilary, starting from the subjective and emotional benefits, ignoring Trump was elected president of the United States may. This is actually a serious dereliction of duty of both diplomatic team. The article said that in the Ma Ying-Jeou Strait cross-strait relations stable, Cai authorities said to maintain the status quo, but the relationship between the two sides into a cold confrontation. Now the trend shows that the United States will adopt a strategic contraction, the continent’s influence in the Asia Pacific will only grow. But Taiwan had a precedent, exactly the opposite with Japan baotuan. However, Trump may not appreciate, if in accordance with his manifesto, Taiwan in the future will be more isolated internationally. Trifles Cai authorities, why not from the improvement of cross-strait relations to find a way out for Taiwan? Source: China Taiwan network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: