Suzhou hundred years of residence were burned as champion Dai Wangshu "Rain Lane" prototype – Beijing "Pan Zhai just ordinary houses, not registered Wenbao building, lane and narrow, fire engines can not enter." Central broadcasting network Suzhou October 9th, according to voice of China News reported that this is a street in Suzhou, a local official in Pingjiang. Recently, Suzhou City, Pingjiang Road lilac Lane A has hundred years history of the "champion" residence suffered a fire, after the fire, because the narrow lane, fire engines can not enter, such as firefighters to extinguish the fire hose, the house has been completely burned, but fortunately no casualties. A local official said in response to pan Zhai is not registered security architecture. It is said that Dai Wangshu is in lilac lane as the prototype, wrote the famous poem "Rain Lane". Aspect comments: 100 years old, "the former champion" as a unique historical and cultural relics, has irreplaceable cultural value and historical significance, it carries a lot of real historical and cultural information, records the cultural symbol of the rich, just because it is non registered security building, on the lack of management. Non renewable cultural relics and cultural relics once damaged, we can not explain to future generations.相关的主题文章: