Suning Plaza Lazi national   " " staged hot; Shuangcheng; Hainan, – Windows Hainan windows on 30 September, September 30th morning, Sunshine Plaza, Anshan Suning Suning Plaza respectively in the two places at the same time held a grand opening ceremony, opened a mysterious veil of local wisdom first commercial complex the. Suning holding group vice president Jin Ming and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of Anshan, Rizhao, from Suning home, Su Ningyun, Su Ningwen, Suning Plaza CXOs and hundreds of guests witnessed the advent of a new landmark in the local business. With the acceleration of the city’s commercial layout, Suning Holdings Group’s six major industries in the collaborative development model increasingly clear. Anshan Suning Plaza – opening ceremony of sunshine Suning Plaza opening scene – a popular fashion leisure city commercial high tide refreshing sunshine Suning Plaza and Anshan Suning Plaza in "intelligent, fashion, interactive, experience" as the brand concept, outstanding fashion, family, multicultural experience characteristics, covering retail department stores, catering, leisure and entertainment, children, cloud store five formats. Two new projects a strong introduction of Suning theater, cloud store, ginger bird fitness, H& M, MJSTYL, the wonderful children’s Park and other main stores, leading the new consumer experience, to make up for the local fashion family shopping center market gap, promote the sunshine and Anshan District Economic upgrading and enhance the city’s comprehensive competitiveness. Anshan Suning Plaza – waiting for the door to open the door of the total sunshine sunshine Suning Plaza 120 thousand square meters, shopping center construction area of 60 thousand square meters. The project to seize the Old City boutique lifestyle shopping center blank market, introduced hundreds of quality brands at home and abroad, of which more than 60% brands for the first time in the sunshine, to enhance the quality of life, shaping the city’s new business territory. It is worth mentioning that the sunshine Suning square sits on 5 thousand square meters of public green square, a full range of natural green space and Green Avenue, the opening of the project can not only meet the consumers to eat drink play a one-stop consumer demand for Tesco, will also transfer of advanced culture is green, simple. Wuxi Suning Plaza Anniversary – Star activities Anshan Suning life square covers two shopping malls and home shopping centers, with a total construction area of 85 thousand square meters, shopping center construction area of 57 thousand square meters. Project positioning experiential leisure shopping center, select the various formats flagship brand settled, efforts to build a new life experience center in Anshan, fashion center, art experience center, food and entertainment fitness center. Relying on O2O commercial advantage, Anshan Suning Plaza with all channels, all users, all formats, full time, full interactive experience "mode, the Anshan consumers from the" one hour "upgrade" one family one day, people will be fully upgraded the quality of life, the shaping of Anshan city a new landmark commercial trend. Suning Plaza layout Suning square Lazi national commercial layout with the continued expansion of Suning holding group home, cloud providers, investment, financial holding, Wen Chong, six sports industry business layout)相关的主题文章: