Study tour in the United States outside the South California traffic accident has caused 1 people were killed in the latest news: local time on September 24, 2016 at 5:30 pm, Nanjing foreign language school OES exchange delegation of 20 people, 18 students (12-15 years), 2 teachers, 1 people, local drivers on highway 41 in California a car accident caused 1 dead 11 injured. At present, the school has set up an emergency response team to deal with the matter, the local police said the driver or suspected dangerous driving, rescue work is still in progress. See: South tours in the United States in a car accident 1 dead 11 injured victims were only 13 years old, according to @ Xuanwu released outside the South tour of California in the United States suffered a car accident, a student was killed, one of them seriously, and many people injured. Study tour members a total of 20 people, including 18 students, 2 teachers. In new network on 26 September, according to Chinese media reports, local time 24 days, a bus carrying 22 students Chinese tourist bus accident in the United States near California Yosemite Park, in which 11 people were injured, one person died. According to reports, the California Highway Patrol said, a bus carrying 22 Chinese teenagers in a car accident near Yosemite Park, killing 12 people injured. Mike · Schwab (Michael Schwab); sergeant said the accident occurred on highway 41 on the 24 day, fishing camp in the south, two injured because of head injuries have been flown to the hospital. Schwab revealed that the 22 passengers on the bus, most of them are 12-15 years old Chinese students and their adults to accompany people, after the end of the park to visit the hotel (Fresno) to return to Fresno. The bus by the A Top Line Tours company, headquartered in Monterey Park (Monterey Park). According to the American ABC30 news network reported that at 11:19 in the morning local time, authorities said the accident time is 5:30 in the afternoon, the bus ride away from the road, hit a tree after the rampage to sugar pine Park (Sugar Pine) near highway 41 and 630 road accident. After the accident the injured 2 aircraft were rushed to the hospital, there are 10 injured at the scene to deal with wounds, including a hospital due to his injuries. "The injured 5 people were transferred to Fresno medical center, 7 people to go to the children’s Hospital, one of the students died due to injuries." Schwab said. After the accident, highway 41 closed for several hours, resulting in a lot of drivers need to turn around, while the staff at the scene to clean up the road, investigators are investigating the cause of the accident. Chinese tourist bus accident in the United States, California, a student killed nine teachers and students hand injury相关的主题文章: