Standard Chartered intends to enter the China aviation finance trillion market targeting U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes view the latest market warrants that Standard Chartered Bank will be a state-owned and China or provincial entity cooperation, the establishment of a joint venture airline financing. The bank’s role will be to manage aircraft assets. Bank of America, Beijing time at 31 on afternoon FT Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered) is an in-depth discussion on China’s joint venture of a joint venture financing. The joint venture aims to help Chinese airlines pay $1 trillion worth of new aircraft for the next 20 years. A person familiar with the project said the person familiar with the matter, the bank will focus on Asia and a state-owned enterprise or provincial entities to enter the Chinese aircraft leasing market. Aviation financing institutions to slag in Dublin is the global large-scale enterprise, has more than 100 aircraft leased to 25 of the world’s major airlines. But the Chinese market has so far been difficult for foreign banks to break through, especially because Chinese banks have enough money to lend to local airlines. The role of Standard Chartered in the new joint venture will be to manage the portfolio of aircraft leased to Chinese airlines, rather than providing financing, the person familiar with the matter said. China has two of the world’s 10 largest airlines, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing expects China’s aviation industry over the next 20 years will spend more than $1 trillion to buy new aircraft. However, China also local aviation finance giants, led by HNA group. The latter recently agreed to spend $10 billion acquisition of CIT group’s aircraft leasing business, which built the world’s third largest fleet of aircraft leasing. Standard Chartered will release quarterly earnings report on Tuesday. The source added that Standard Chartered is still looking for such opportunities in Africa, although progress is not as deep as in china. Standard Chartered declined to comment. A few days about the joint venture negotiations before the news leaked, Japan’s MITSUBISHI UFJ financial group (MUFG) announced that it will enter the North American financial markets, with the use of a large number of demand in the region "". But the world bank in the joint venture agreement has finalized China striking one snag after another history. More than a decade ago, many banks have worked hard to create securities business with local partners in the hope of getting a stock underwriting business. However, most of the joint venture securities companies did not even meet the domestic securities market in china. UBS has the largest market share among all its foreign partners, but is still only 95 in china. Only UBS and Goldman Sachs have control over their joint ventures in china. Last week, JP Morgan is negotiating with the local joint venture out of the first venture of JP Morgan securities (First Capital Securities) non controlling stake, the company was founded in 2010. HSBC said last year, is to discuss its joint venture in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone, HSBC will have the company holding 3相关的主题文章: