Spanish – suspected missing Neymar lost a penalty against Barcelona 11 9 draw (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on November 19th at 23:15 (16:15 local time Spain, Spanish) the beginning of the twelfth round of the 1 contest, Barcelona home court 0 than 0 draw with Malaga. The second half, Malaga defender Diego Llorente foul on Neymar was sent off. Before the end, Peake in the restricted area was brought down, but without penalty. Neymar will enter the header was saved. Carlos Juan was sent off. The Madrid Derby will be staged, is expected to take advantage of barcelona. Messi because of physical discomfort and sickness absence, Suarez suspended, Neymar, Paco, Turan three arrow. Peake’s ankle injury. Rakiti and Alba on the bench, Rafinha and D play. Busquets 400th times on behalf of Barcelona, the captain’s armband. Malaga Malaga 5-4-1 array bus nearly 8 Liga away victorious (3 flat 5 negative), of which 5 games without scoring. The last 14 league games Nokamp’s 1 wins and 13 losses, is one of the teams that have beaten Barcelona coach Enrique in (February 2015). After the opening, Malaga recovery of defence. Mascherano left the area overhead pass, Paco unloaded the ball volley shot into the net, but the first was offside, the goal is invalid. Since the middle Paco Neymar offside ball into the restricted area on the left, 14 meters in front of left foot hit the side net. Barcelona back corner of chaos, Mascherano in the restricted area, Peake 12 meters in front of volley shot by Kameni Tor beam. Sergi Roberto right xiadichuanzhong is destroyed, Denis – Suarez edge of the area low shot wide of the left post. Turan back from the edge of the box, rafinha left foot curveball high. Malaga hit back, Sandro peripheral low shot was teershite get. Barcelona thirty-first minutes almost broke, which left the restricted area collusion houchangchangzhuan knock back, Rafinha Kameni was brave closed out 13 meters in front of the shot! Before the end of the first half, the left side of the penalty area to return to play high, 22 meters in front of. The second half, Malaga still holed up out. La figna biography, Neymar header was saved. Malaga fifty-seventh minutes to get the chance, Juan peel road break pass, Juan – Carlos wade teershite, on the right side of the area hit the side net! Alba and Andre Gomes have appeared in digne and Denis Suarez. Sixty-ninth minutes, midfielder Neymar breaking ball, Diego Llorente side of the shovel, was directly sent off! Lewis – Munhoz replaced by Von Siti Willows. Neymar cross from the left, Rafinha 9 meters in front of the heading higher. Neymar staged a nice break left, even after over 2, failed to break through third defenders. Then he left high kick out. Rakitic for Rafinha. Mascherano on the cross, Peake points after top. Neymar on the left corner, Rakiti header Yiceng partial journey column. Neymar pass, Andre – Gomes chest control and volley was Miguel Torres denied the bottom line. Eighty-third minutes)相关的主题文章: