So you are such a car? Cruel story – fairy tale behind the science and technology Sohu Tang Chen (Topfond Yan talk deputy editor) this is a car all fairy tale story: in August 23rd, in recent years the rise of new focus on personal second-hand car trading car C2C trading platform designed to do everyone car and car trading business platform car network announced a strategic cooperation in Beijing hand in hand, second-hand car full ecological layout. It is understood that all vehicles are more than $150 million in a new round of financing, Tencent may be the main investor D round. Public information display, all the car was completed in August 2015 the Tencent strategy led a $85 million C round of financing, previously completed ceyuan ventures, Shun capital jointly led the $20 million B round of financing investment and venture capital investment in the red dot A $5 million round of financing. This round of cooperation can be seen as a car to everyone and the capital market to speak of a beautiful fairy tale, but the car is familiar with the market after the car, the real story behind the surface is not so beautiful. All the car Its loopholes appeared one after another. founder and CEO Li Jian and CEO Wen Wei, a group of car network transactions, say good integrity it everyone "cost-effective, reliable main propaganda car", car source, condition, price, customer service are guaranteed, but the actual operation has a lot of problems in the process of. Although the sale of cars, car accidents and other adjustment behavior is everyone car website banned, but there are many loopholes in trading links is almost an open secret, and propaganda line running. The appraiser is process of second-hand car trading "gatekeeper", but all car appraiser will directly change the car owner of the odometer, assessment of the car accident is "targeted". Consumers are reflected in his car, all car appraiser said to him directly, the first table after the car, "rest assured, repair records are not check out. This is absolutely no problem, can guarantee." Chinese business newspaper also revealed in the survey article, for the vehicle to assess the unspoken rule also makes people speechless, "minor engine oil leakage, oil leakage, seepage and other conditions are generally not written; slightly deformed place did not write. That is to restore the original car, but no one to write. As everyone knows, a look at the rear collision beam deformation, deformation of the front bumper also, no one is willing to buy, so do not write. As long as you do not write, who will remove the bar to see ah?" As everyone knows, the transfer table, false propaganda and other chaos exists in the used car industry, in the trading process is repeated. But for all vehicles, reputation and integrity is the foundation, its survival if drift, do not take "reliable" is done, consumers sooner or later there will be retaliatory action, this is tantamount to doing, the foundation of self destruction. Two, data fraud, investors and consumers in the car and aphrodisiac injection cooperation network conference, all car founder and CEO Li Jian announced a set of beautiful data: everyone is claiming to open 95 city car nationwide in July already, the monthly turnover exceeded 18000, this figure is equivalent to more than and 300 4S store the monthly sales sum. Since its inception, the cumulative turnover of 200000 second-hand cars, the user’s net recommended value.相关的主题文章: