Small meat into vulnerable groups, insiders criticize what [Abstract] don’t know there is no entertainment Quancun back that said, but if present, the recent "little meat" who may be facing this problem. Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information! Do not know there is no entertainment Quancun back that said, but if present, the recent "little meat" who may be facing this problem. You know this for two years in the network, the "meat" niche is really red gongbang, fast, what day is it hot list, the main battlefield of fighting fans! But where there are flowers and applause, where there are questions and criticism. Two days ago, actor Zheng Yu said in an interview, small meat can not be called actors, can be called star, calendar. But he said there is some truth, Zheng Yu said, he graduated from Central Academy of Drama, learning is the sound form. With the face to eat the teacher did not teach, if only by face to be able to act, drama school teaching and maintenance of the good. He said that the actor pursues is to become an artist, a small meat is the pursuit of what he does not know. You know Miss over niche interview, the pursuit of small meat, is…… Be an actor! But Zheng Yu’s speech out of it, or crushed the hearts of fans. The fans have defended their own idol, "little meat" is also very hard to hone acting as a senior, should give them more space. This time, we will put Maggie Cheung please come out, tell friends nobody is a born actor, little meat can also be a generation of heroes acting! The picture above is so frequent that Maggie Cheung’s fans can’t see it. But to understand said recently little meat momentum is too rapid, many senior actors will be asked for their opinions about their views on. Usually, this view is based on the following attitudes. For example, some small meat is too professional, this dedication is the attitude toward work. Come late and leave early, with a substitute, I just took the paycheck, but do not work well. He Saifei Zhang Guangbei think there is high now little meat prices, if they will, in the manufacturing costs will be compressed. But in this case, the reason for the young actor is also very simple, must be for their popularity and topics. To some extent, it is really a willing to play a willing to suffer. Hong Tao once said in an interview, only on the box office so that the real actor did not play, but a small meat, do not have the opportunity to learn, have been popular, they will lose the chance to grow again. So look, "behind the explosion and fire a little meat, is a market driven. Compared with the general actors, they have more box office appeal, fans are willing to support the development of his idol, rather than in the script and production links with fans and very careful in reckoning, find the idol, to a certain extent can guarantee the interests of. On the other hand, it will "bite" banner fans received effect. The audience is no fan of filters, walked into the cinema after seeing is not mature performance, and not the spirit]相关的主题文章: