Sichuan Province in the global promotion activities held in Sichuan in September 28th shocked the guests charm of the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign minister Wang Yi, provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Yin Li, Secretary of the Party committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Zhang Yesui and guests visited the theme of "dynamic Sichuan, the world exhibition opportunities". Reporter Mao Manding photo Sichuan global promotion activities introduced open China: Sichuan · see the world Wang Yi Wang Dongming speech Yin masterpiece love promotion on 28 September, Zhang Yesui attended the Beijing newspaper (reporter Zhang Hongping Liu Zhang Ling Chen Yanlei Lanlin her) the afternoon of September 28th, "open China: Sichuan · see the world" global promotion activities held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of blue. Minister of foreign affairs Wang Yi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, respectively, the speech, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, the governor of the Yin to promote the work of the party secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs to attend the event, Zhang Yesui, Wang Dongming. "No matter where you come from, Sichuan will always open your arms to welcome your arrival!" Promotion activities, first broadcast a 8 minute "Sichuan · see the world" propaganda, to the distinguished guests and friends at home and abroad presents "panoramic landscape" "time between" and "cross between" "world" in Sichuan, allowing participants envoys and guests feel shocked. Wang Yi said in his speech, today we held provincial Ministry of foreign affairs global promotion activities here, the protagonist is a "the land of abundance" reputation of Sichuan, I hope to help you better understand the unique status in Sichuan China in the reform and opening up, Sichuan important to better grasp opportunities for countries to expand cooperation with China. Looking back on history, Sichuan is the pioneer of China’s opening up. Sichuan has "Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible" known, but Shu risk did not stop the pace of Sichuan’s foreign relations, but to temper the Sichuan pioneers, dauntless spirit quality. Early in the Qin and Han Dynasties, with Chengdu as the starting point of the Southern Silk Road has been rising, Sichuan cloth and bamboo products have been exported to India in 2000 before. From the Southern Silk Road, to the Northern Silk Road after the formation of the Han Dynasty, Sichuan has always played an important role in the spirit of the people of Sichuan continue to open up to date. In reality, Sichuan has become a new force Chinese a new round of opening. Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, Sichuan in rapid development at the same time, and actively expand foreign exchanges, realized from the western basin to the development heights, wonderful transformation from inland provinces to the forefront of the opening up, gradually become the vanguard of Western China opening. Sichuan’s economy has been ranked first in the West for many years, and it is regarded as the "Silicon Valley of China"". Whether it is the number of countries and regions to establish economic and trade relations with foreign countries, or the number of foreign consulates in the country, Sichuan is among the best in the central and Western provinces. The Western China International Fair, hosted by Sichuan, has become an important business card for China’s opening up to the outside world. Looking to the future, Sichuan is expected to become a leader in China to build a new pattern of full liberalization. "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt construction, provide a great opportunity for Sichuan to expand all-round cooperation, enhance the opening level of the open economy. Sichuan to the west of Central Asia相关的主题文章: