Shot did not carry weapons Black Beauty Oklahoma – policewoman was charged with the murder of Beijing Beijing in September 24, according to foreign media reports, recently, a policeman Oklahoma was shot and killed an unarmed black man, was convicted of first-degree murder, the crime of the minimum sentence is 4 years. According to reports, in September 16th this year, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Constable Betty? Shelby (Betty Shelby) shot and killed 40 year old Terrence? Keluche (Terence Crutcher) Betty? Shelby (Betty Shelby) it is understood that the presence of a police car on the camera and a police helicopter aerial camera video display Keluche, has raised his hands, leaning against the car. Then he was shot by Shelby and fell to the ground. The video did not show Shelby a shot Keluche picture. Shelby’s lawyer said Keluche did not comply with the order of the police, Shelby is afraid of his own life is threatened, so in Keluche began to enter the window to open the gun. The Tulsa police said he had no weapons and no weapons in his car. Keluche Keluche said the family, the father of four did not pose a threat to the police. They also pointed to the police video in a magnified picture that way is closed at Keluche car window at that time.相关的主题文章: