Shenzhen Nanshan half horse players experience the most beautiful track "- Shenzhen Channel – original title: Nanshan Nanshan half horse players experience the most beautiful track" half marathon run in November 27th 2016, Nanshan half marathon officially began. 15000 runners from the Huarun Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, spring cocoon, along the way to experience the beauty of ecology and science and technology, the United States and the integration of high value runway. After the organizing committee also prepared a marathon Carnival feast, feel the vitality of Nanshan unique charm. Nanshan half marathon is co sponsored by China Athletic Association and the Shenzhen people’s Government of Nanshan District, Nanshan District Party Committee Propaganda Department (Sports Bureau) and Shenzhen Bay Development Huarun co hosted "Chinese marathon annual festival bronze medal event". This year’s Nanshan half horse is not only a running race, but also the integration of the family parent-child run, public donations, inclusive competition, happy carnival, science and technology, civilized action, a wide range of security and many other highlights. Yang Dinghong with a score of 1:06:36 first past the end point, won the men’s half champion. Jiang Xiaoli, with a score of 1:18:36, won the women’s championship half. Enjoy the stunning scenery, "Chinese bath Nanshan Silicon Valley" breath – this year’s Nanshan half marathon course called Yan the highest value "the most beautiful track". The organizing committee, Nanshan half marathon this year in the track design of upgrading to the first North South, the direct route, March in only 2 of the ups and downs of the overpass, helps athletes achieved excellent results, the impact on the surrounding residents are small. The organizing committee also set up 6 Official refueling points along the way. In addition, the beautiful young girl cheerleaders, wind gas station, gas station, visual music fancy drum gas station, gas station and inspire hope town gas station 6 refueling points along the track, as the contestants cheer. This year, the southern half horse attracted 15000 runners. Among them, half marathon, personal enrollment 8500 people, 500 people enrolled 3000 people, 100 group run charity places. The new family parent-child run project, also attracted 1000 families a total of 3000 people enrolled. In order to make every runner can participate in Nanshan half marathon, the organizing committee will be divided into the overall regional planning Carnival stage area, parent-child play area, entertainment area, dining area, science and technology areas, regional sponsors, set up in activities as much as possible to meet the full range of ages and the runner’s demand. The Nanshan half horse first set up a charity match ended, the funds will be used to Shenzhen care action community foundation · juvenile dream fund movement left-behind children football season project. After the carnival, Huarun hopes into town project, through the medal of love and charity and hope town agricultural products sale way, called for more attention to the impoverished rural China. 200 sets of medals will soon be limited love run sold out, 40 thousand yuan to raise money, all donated to the Huarun charity foundation for the construction of sports facilities, Jinggangshan Hope Town kindergarten. (reporter Leanne Li Ventura) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: