An old man in Shenyang into the 4 snake like writing the "double eleven" in the winter, the 4 snake collective "out of the house, came to the foot of the warm sun in the yard, the yard owner was the" battle "spooked by screaming. 4 snake collective out of the sun November 11th is known as the "double eleven", in the dubbed the "four club" days, Shenbei New Area stone village Laosong home to casual visitor. 4 "snake" is written in "double eleven" like appearance in their own yard. "The original family also appeared in the snake, this time there are four, then the old lady scared." He said, first discovered the snake is his wife, she did not dare to move, they called him out to get rid of the snake. The 72 year old he lived next door to the Shenbei New Area seven at the foot of the village of stone, he said that this year he has at home found more than and 30 snakes, in order to avoid damage, these will get released Laosong rural village. These snakes can collective sun at noon, he possibly related to the fine weather, even a few days, the gas temperature at noon is slightly higher, some did not enter hibernation snake out. He said, in the capture process, a snake walk run, only caught three, from the shape and the color, is the same type of snake, "should be a family." Snake body cold cold, it seems to make people timid." He said that once a snake had climbed onto his bed, and many snakes dealing, Laosong can now use hand snake. Snake for the real estate snake has micro poison, this snake should be called the tiger snake, there are micro poison." A reptile enthusiasts said that in the Shenyang area, the seasonal snakes usually theory into hibernation, these snakes can appear on the front and collective air temperature at noon. Rhabdophistigrinuslateralis (commonly known as neck pheasant), Colubridae, Rhabdophis genus. Body length of nearly 1000mm, weight is generally 200~400 grams. On the back of the green or green grass, the front of the body on both sides of the thick black and orange patches arranged alternately, both sides of the pillow with a pair of thick black eight spots. NTL is a widely distributed as the snake snake’s gland, colorful, disturbed or irritated when can lift head neck, neck swelling flat; the body was "S" shaped curve, shape and movement like cobra. This snake is widely distributed in China, living in the mountains, hills, plains, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals around the rice fields. With frogs and toads and tadpoles and fish for food, but also eat insects, birds, rodents. NTL is oviparous, annual 6~7 month between each spawning, more than 10 pieces, also have as much as 47. Incubation period ranged from 29~50 days. Snake body length 15~17 cm. Expert: the snake into the house do not take a stick to drive or arrest experts said that the outskirts and the foot of the mountain, it is easy to provoke such a small snake into the house. To prevent the first well home and the surrounding clean, do not let these places into mice and other small animal, small gap plugging good house could slip into the mouse or a snake. In addition, the snake is sensitive to the smell of fear, sulfur and realgar taste, you can in the neighborhood, or the window downstairs anti-theft door import and export place sprinkle some sulfur.相关的主题文章: