Sharp comment: "hobby" is not the indulgence of academic plagiarism reason? — Education — original title: "hobby" is not the indulgence of academic plagiarism reason? – to Lisheng according to "new Express" reported that after repeated reports, the modern education technology experiment center South China Agricultural University doctoral Li Tao South China University of Technology division revoked the level of job promotion, has also been halted. However, foreigners don’t understand is that although there have been found a dozen papers copied, but Li Tao is still in the normal work. The school responded that the article was published Li Tao personal hobby. Li Tao at the end of last year were reported in 12 papers suspected of plagiarism, and 21 articles were reported in September this year, which is part of the agricultural laborers, repeat; two investigation has identified 10 plagiarized, and 7 studies are still verification. The so-called "teacher, so is to teach students, a college staff forged academic achievements, how can a teacher? For academic corruption, should be zero tolerance. In August this year, associate professor of Zunyi Normal University in Guizhou, Zhao Jingchun only for copying a paper, identified the circumstances are serious, be dismissed processing. Li Tao is currently long-term plagiarism, plagiarism has as many as 10, actually still work in the post, is controversial. The parties actually responded, said: Published articles Li Tao personal hobby." Exactly speaking, is actually "plagiarism article Li Tao individual hobby, not all over the world who with monstrous absurdity? Plagiarism article as a hobby? If there is such a person, but also for stay in campus? Because Li Tao was identified in 4 of the study was plagiarized, revocation of laborers doctor’s degree, can be seen at the time of his plagiarism, is obtained for the degree; Huanong has at the end of April this year is the first phase of investigation, to give Li Tao administrative demerit, the post appointment rank not identified, the plagiarism is also a promotion purpose; and Li Tao was found copying paper also, get project funded project supported by the science foundation of Guangdong province and the China Agricultural Science and technology plan fund support, the plagiarism, is also involved in the search for other interests. All of these, and it is a seemingly super utilitarian "hobby" to hide? Li Tao is completely in the long term plagiarism tasted the sweetness and has not been investigated, only more copy more, or even copy number of papers has far exceeded the required number of job promotion, still a copy not mistaken. Plagiarism is not entirely in order to promote the title, in addition to the project fund also involves other interests. The crackdown for academic corruption, the Ministry of Education promulgated the "high school academic misconduct prevention and treatment measures this year". Among them, the number of academic misconduct, should be identified as serious circumstances". Li Tao is currently long-term plagiarism, plagiarism papers have been as many as 10, isn’t it serious? Although the premise has been identified Li Tao plagiarism of 10 papers, continue two to check the remaining 7 papers have seemed redundant, but still want to check at the end of late in the two period strictly in accordance with regulations, Li Tao made the punishment. (commissioning editor: Wang Yiding, bear)相关的主题文章: