Shanxi lottery and Telecommunications cooperation to build " Internet plus wisdom lottery " model of Sohu on October 28th morning, Shanxi Telecom and Fucai signed the "strategic cooperation agreement Internet plus wisdom lottery". Shanxi provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Xue Weidong, China Telecom general manager Li Hongbin, deputy general manager Jin Jianyong, director of the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Li Xin, deputy director of the Bai Wenbin and other relevant departments attended the signing ceremony. Xue Weidong, director of the provincial Civil Affairs Department, said at the signing ceremony that the welfare lottery, as a new field and a new industry with the combination of market economy and social welfare, has broad prospects for development. Under the conditions of the development of new science and technology, in order to adapt to the development of the Internet age, we must constantly update the technical level, enhance the ability to develop. Telecom company has a good reputation and rich resources in the informatization development and construction, the "Internet plus wisdom Fucai" strategic cooperation, is the use of lottery development platform, in the telecom company’s support, to speed up the construction of welfare wisdom to inject more vitality into Shanxi, the provincial welfare development, technical means to the Shanxi provincial welfare lottery sales on the Internet under the condition of more safe and convenient. I hope the two sides based on development strategy, seize the development opportunity, focus on the overall situation, complementary advantages, and the measures required to implement good strategic cooperation, and realize the healthy development of Shanxi Province, and actively promote the cause of welfare security, make new achievements, create new brilliance.   Shanxi lottery and Telecommunications cooperation in recent years, increase the intensity of Shanxi lottery in team building, channel development, marketing and other aspects of gameplay, lottery industry has made considerable development. As of October 20th, the province’s total sales of all kinds of welfare lottery 3 billion 501 million yuan, 1 billion 330 million yuan to raise the chest, laid a solid foundation for a good start for the welfare lottery "13th Five-Year" a good beginning, development, made outstanding contributions to the development of social welfare undertakings in Shanxi province and the construction of harmonious society. China Telecom Co Shanxi branch as the Shanxi regional integrated information service provider, advanced technology, covering a wide range of strength, with modern communication network covering the whole province, around the country, all over the world, with advanced management concept, operation experience strong technical force and mature market. For a long time, uphold social responsibility and enterprise mission, the pursuit of enterprise value and customer value to grow business philosophy and customer first, intentions service concept; to safe and smooth network, healthy and environmentally friendly products, convenient service, provides communications support and strong comprehensive information service for the province’s information construction, make positive contribution to promote the economic development of Shanxi. The strategic cooperation of the start, not only conducive to customer service, expand the interactive customer groups, fully tap the market potential, complementary advantages of resources, will also be conducive to mutual learning from the mode of operation and management experience, improve the internal management level and service quality, inject new vitality into the development of both sides.相关的主题文章: