Shanghai in the next few years worth looking forward to the new landmark market recently, the Pudong Museum of fine arts settled in the golden section of Lujiazui, causing widespread concern. With the rapid development of Shanghai, every year, the rise of new landmarks, witness the changes in the city, and a variety of new urban landmarks will also add a new Shanghai city light". Look at the future of Shanghai’s most anticipated landmark.   Taikoo Hui Nanjing West Road Taikoo Hui is located in Nanjing West Road and Shimen road intersection. By the end of 2015 and put into use in the Metro Line 13 adjacent seamless connection, line 2 and line 12 (phase second) Nanjing West Road station, Yanan elevated road and North South elevated are close at hand. Taikoo Hui Industrial investment amounted to 17 billion yuan. One of the two grade A office buildings were about 250 meters high, Hongkong industrial center, and a high of about 170 meters of Hongkong industrial center, the total floor area of about 1 square meters. The project also includes a stylish shopping centre with a total floor area of over 100 thousand square meters, a total of more than 400 rooms with a total of more than three rooms, luxury hotels and residential apartments, and a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 parking spaces. In addition, the industrial Taikoo Hui will have two square, seamless connection with indoor shopping center. The shopping center will bring together nearly 250 retail brands, including luxury, fashion clothing, accessories and beauty shopping, catering, leisure international bookstores, supermarkets and yoga center, with 14 for the first time to enter the mainland market Chinese brand, first set up shop in Shanghai 12 brands and 12 unique brand concept store in. Shopping malls and hotels will have more than 40 Chinese and foreign food and beverage. [more] Xuhui Binjiang Dream Center as the most important part of the Shanghai Xuhui District West cultural corridor brand works and west media port flagship project Dream Center will become a new landmark in Shanghai is regarded as a cultural and entertainment life, is expected to debut in 2017. Dream Center, a total construction area of 463 thousand square meters, including the construction of a total of 12 creative culture. The highlight of which is composed of a plurality of performing arts theater, music hall, artist studios consisting of dream street cultural theatre district; Entertainment Animation production base Oriental DreamWorks headquarters; designed for the premiere, the red carpet ceremony of global film events tailored for large 500 IMAX theaters; international standard restaurants and bars, lifestyle retail experience and perennial Lan Kwai Fong entertainment district theme; and creative office and office. This series of living and cultural entertainment building groups will be 8 outdoor theme square and the creative arts devices throughout the green platform layer, linked to the main axis of the west side of the media port. [detail]相关的主题文章: