Shandong can not worship the six Buddhist temple is said to be very effective! Buddhism, from the birth, to the important influence on the development of China culture, especially in Shandong, the hometown of Confucius and mencius. Since ancient times, these two here integration, the development of the regional culture of Shandong Qilu culture of Chengdu has played an important role, has special cultural meaning and value. But do you know what are the Shandong Buddhist temple? Today Xiaobian to count, the picturesque Buddhist temple in Shandong! 1, Lingyansi Changqing Lingyansi Arhats (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Lingyansi, located in Ji’nan city Changqing District Wande Town, located in the northwest of Taishan, is an important part of the world natural and cultural heritage in Taishan. The Lingyan temple was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the Northern Wei Dynasty, filial piety emperor Zheng Xing first year of reconstruction, to the Tang Dynasty has reached its peak, or tower, Qian Fodian landscape. Lingyansi Buddhist heritage, since the Tang Dynasty and Nanjing Qixia temple, Zhejiang Tiantai Guoqing temple, Hubei Jiangling temple Jade Spring and said the world "four temples". Don Xuan Zang had in the translation of texts, since Tang Gaozong to Taishan Fengshan emperors, also to visit the temple. In 1982 the State Council promulgated the Lingyan temple for the second batch of national key cultural relics protection units. 2, Xingguo Xingguo Temple Temple, also called Xingguo temple, located in Ji’nan city of Qianfo Hill. Qianfo Hill is located in Lixia District, Shandong, Ji’nan. Xingguo temple is located in Qianfo Hill Yinshan waist, South Cliff, North Springs, Qianfo Hill is the main building. Founded in the Sui emperor period, called the "Thousand Buddha temple". The Tang Dynasty, by extension, renamed the "Xingguo Temple", the hospital has Maitreya temple, Guanyin temple, Damour temple, jade Buddha Hall and meditation. On the eastern side of the main hall for the Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and ahrat. Quiet Xingguo Temple (source: Shandong channel) on the south side of the temple in the Ji’nan area is the earliest Diaozao Qianfoya grotto statue group, with the Sui Dynasty engraved 130 Buddha statue on the cliff, scattered in the size of nine caves, the main cave KIK has the size of 87 Buddha statues. 3, Bao Bao Temple Temple was built in the Northern Wei, Tang called empty Zhao Temple, Song Zhenzong Fengshan Taishan Wenshang MITEI empty emperor’s lodging when traveling, Zhao Temple Baoxiang temple. After thousands of years of incense is not bad, a shrine of emperor, the poet of the Buddha tourist celebrities, he as Qilu names baosha temple. In March 15, 1994 to repair thirteen octagonal tower tower in the spirit Prince trace, in eight hundred years, the hidden world of Tooth Relic 141 Buddhism halidoms, precious, especially Shakya Muni Buddha relic was there, hit the country, shocked the world. Wenshang Bao Temple (source: Phoenix Temple in Shandong) a 8 extant pagoda, angle of 13 pavilions Zhuanta, East, West and south of the bottom of a door of the original shrines, statues. The whole tower layer convergence, top round yellow glazed gourd Tasha, glittering, so it is the name of Torre del oro. The temple consecrates Shakya Muni Bao temple worship ebony gold Buddha, stone sculptures of eighteen arhats. The tower house area of 80 square meters, tower house of deep worship Shakya Muni Mami relic. It fully reflects the architectural style of the Han nationality in the Song Dynasty, which is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient working people. 4, Wuran temple Wuran temple is located in the south of Kunlun Mountains peak Tai Bo ding.相关的主题文章: