Xi’an, Shaanxi and other three buildings were selected in the first batch of China in twentieth Century the construction of the heritage of the building is the soul of a city, but also solidified the history of a city. Yesterday morning, "100 tribute classic building: the first China twentieth Century architectural heritage project release and China twentieth Century Architecture Symposium held in Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum, China cultural relics society, China Architectural society jointly issued 98" first China twentieth Century architectural heritage. Among them, our province has 4 projects selected, are located in Xi’an, the Shaanxi Museum of history, the people of Xi’an building and the Xi’an people’s Theatre; and selected another Yanan revolutionary site. Shaanxi Museum of history master in technology into the international representative of China cultural relics society, the Imperial Palace museum director Shan Jixiang said: "in twentieth Century and was building among society, economy and culture and engineering have interactive relationship. Cultural heritage is a life, this life is full of stories, with the passage of time, the story becomes history, history into a culture, for a long time to stay in people’s hearts." The first China twentieth Century architectural heritage in the history of Shaanxi Museum of architecture, consisting of Monument pool, main hall, reservoir area, Southeast and southwest corner turrets, temporary exhibition hall, administrative buildings, business premises and a group of Tang style buildings. The museum building fully reflects the design master Zhang Jinqiu "reached the international level in technology, design the architecture become the symbol of a long history and splendid culture, highlights the Tang Dynasty style, reflect the style of Tang Dynasty Great glorious era. Shaanxi Museum of history in the layout design, from the Chinese palace building "axis of symmetry the master-slave in an orderly manner, the central hall, four Yu Chong floor". The whole building clearly, scattered in together, highlighting the dignified simplicity of style, to create the ancient imperial palace and traditional garden atmosphere combined to reproduce the traditional culture and the modern science and technology. The performance of the traditional style, China Palace "Tai Chi central, spatial composition features from all sides" and for thousands of years has sneaked into consciousness people in the "Super Space China to like, in the atlas of the Oriental philosophy of the universe. Xi’an people’s Theatre China elegant perfect combination of traditional and Western Xi’an people’s Theatre located near downtown Xi’an tower, is a financial Chinese traditional architectural art and western classic architectural style in one of the perfect example. According to the Xi’an Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau responsible person, on behalf of the Xi’an people’s Theatre is a theatre building in 1950s, at the time of building China retro wave, no copy of the form of ancient building great roof. But in the facade design through the porch, which is divided into two layers, the hall floor pool space, and other components of the choice board Fang complicated part of the classical tradition, such as window frames, sparrow decoration and painting, the rich China traditional style, especially the main corridor on both sides of the sculpture has had strong political and culture, life style, very coordinated with the ancient city of Xi’an style. 2003, the province conducted a comprehensive renovation of the theater renovation. In 2005, after the transformation of the theater, in retaining the original architectural features and sound effects on the basis of a new look in the eyes of people. The building inside the magnificent, beautifully decorated, layout 1相关的主题文章: