Severe pollution forced out of the "free lunch" Chinese to push "bus free" – Beijing, Beijing, Lanzhou, November 23, (Xu Xue) is the western underdeveloped city of Gansu provincial capital of Lanzhou, even the day, free bus has become a hot word in public "". In this welfare behind, it is subject to the severe situation of the atmospheric environment, the official to protect the Lanzhou blue showed determination and attitude. Since November, by the extreme adverse weather conditions superimposed local pollution sources and the impact of foreign dust input, the 19 consecutive day of pollution in Lanzhou, triggering orange (II) warning. A local official on the morning of 20 emergency start single motor vehicle limit line measures at the same time 24 hours, 96 bus lines in the full implementation of free bus service, to ensure their normal travel. 22, the bus ride free public has faded the first day of the experience of novelty, more people will move to understand the government to pay to promote public green travel. Free bus is good, but the long-term implementation is not realistic." Lanzhou public Huang Xudong believes that the limit line at the same time, some supporting measures should also be taken into account, such as vehicle purchase tax, insurance premiums should be given the appropriate relief or preferential. Coincidentally, motor vehicle limit line + bus free ", the heavy pollution weather emergency measures is not the first time, only in mid November in Hebei, Henan and other places have implemented. The hardest hit haze in Shijiazhuang city in 17 from the date of the implementation of the "on the sword cut pollution action plan". In 45 days of downtown danshuanghao limit line, free bus, also includes 7 major industries such as iron and steel production, all 24 hours of inspection of industrial pollution sources and units to work at the wrong. Pollution control efforts considerably, even by the media as "the history of the most stringent pollution control scheme". Similarly, the Lanzhou government has also opened a "series of pollution for medicine": a half year "winter" action, site downtime, all party and government organs of official vehicles, half day outage sweeping night dust, tens of thousands of cadres and workers turned blue grid"…… Lanzhou official said, only in the presence of extreme adverse weather conditions, will start limiting measures. The continuous and effective management of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, the key is to improve the quality of automotive oil, strengthen the vehicle emission control system, regulation of motor vehicle emissions and other aspects of motor vehicles. (end)相关的主题文章: