Site: second-hand housing transfer amount accepted over 1000 site: second-hand housing transfer amount accepted over 1000 reasons: rumors cause why the sudden explosion peak superposition so crowded, according to an interview with reporters on the ground, because the chain effect of superposition of second-hand housing early high turnover bring objective do business needs and bring some rumors. Today, Chengdu city issued a "second-hand housing transactions appointment Paihao" announcement, the firepower to solve the oncoming business peak, after the door sub center of second-hand housing transactions daily acceptance reached 600, south of the city center of all kinds of business volume increased to 400 per day. Chengdu municipal government service center real estate sub center hope that the general public can remain calm, do not blindly join the fun. Objective needs to bring business growth is easy to understand. Prior to October, and this year’s rising trend in the real estate market in Chengdu, Chengdu second-hand housing transactions continued to rise, a large number of transactions to bring a lot of demand. According to reporters at the scene investigation, misunderstanding is coming mainly from two aspects, and after fermentation caused a surge in demand for business processing. Misunderstanding: the double certificate is not complete, can not do real property right certificate interpretation: "to go with the" does not affect in the transaction processing hall, the staff said, because of the recent upcoming "real estate registration issued warrants", because it doesn’t understand the new policy, many buyers really want to be able to get double the original permit "in the rules before the change". Living in the East Xiao master, in the last month to sell a set of 90s of the old house, because of various reasons has not handled the household land card, recently heard the intermediary said, "No. 23, if there is no land certificate, will not be able to obtain real estate warrants." After the transaction has failed the risk, Xiao master intended seize the time within the prescribed deadline, go through the relevant formalities of warrants. This example is the huge crowds of people, an important part of. An intermediary broker staff to reporters, after, Chengdu some houses, only the title card, no land permits. 23 will be issued after the new real estate registration certificate, and the premise is to obtain a certificate of real estate certificates and property certificates are indispensable, otherwise it will not be able to handle, can not deal." And to ensure the success of the transaction before, there is only one way, that is, before the 17, get the land certificate." Is this the case? Registration Center staff said, absolutely not true! After November 23rd, the real estate registration certificate can also apply for real estate registration. Now the pace of work, in the new era of the two generation of warrants alternating. After a lot of intermediary to overdue delivery of data, time delay business settles again." But insiders said, "was like a week can be handled the transaction, because the warrant alternately, there may be a temporary delay to three weeks or even a month now. As the intermediary of the transaction, of course, do not want to do because of the time delay and the impact of the transaction variables." The reasons for such situation, largely because of intermediary personnel in the reminder.相关的主题文章: