SARFT Bulletin: resolutely curb the price paid and the star show problem SARFT party related regulation on patrol rectification briefing on TV is "amidst the winds of change". February 29th to April 30th, the central first inspection team of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the party conducted a special inspection. August 26th, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the CPC Party committee issued a notice on the patrol rectification. The TV Industry Bulletin involving key TV project selection, improvement of "God drama" "drama", a comprehensive solution to emphasize the ratings, click rate, curb price paid and the star show, strictly limited entertainment especially reality TV broadcast, audit on the star channel the presenter and registration, as well as the focus of work in the award of the scandal, the criminal misdeeds limit etc.. 1, the upcoming broadcast television program innovation forum, strengthening the value of lead, rich ideological connotation, improve quality, provide better and more healthy spiritual food for the masses of the people. 2, complete the 2016-2020 100 key drama repertoire selection, do 2016 outstanding TV script support and guide project evaluation, improve the TV series quarterly notification mechanism, timely notification of advanced models, management requirements and problems. 3, further rectification of the war drama, thunder drama, the production of the problem, broadcast agencies to deal with the corresponding. Strengthen the regulation and control of the TV broadcast, and coordinate the broadcast of the excellent TV series. 4, a comprehensive solution to emphasize the audience rate and the attendance rate, click rate and circulation problems. Issued to abide by the social responsibility of the media, against the only ratings self-discipline convention, the guidance of the provincial TV stations jointly issued a proposal to resolutely refuse to sign the ratings ranking, negotiated terms of the contract. On the strengthening of the ratings survey data released to deploy the application management, strict management ratings data release, the use of behavior, and resolutely investigate and deal with issues related to the field of illegal investigation ratings. 5, resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. Guide the industry association of the major film companies to develop resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline; guidance of the relevant industry associations will "focus on film and television works ideological value and aesthetic orientation, optimization of film production cost structure" to formulate a proposal, strengthen the guidance to the market. Improve the filing requirements of the project audit requirements, timely stop the film blindly speculation star, fans, net red behavior. Will be issued a notice requiring all levels of broadcasting organizations in the TV series broadcast in the process of purchase shall specify the actor, not to star as the star of "standard, excessive speculation in the TV series not propaganda work. 6, strict restrictions on entertainment programs especially reality TV broadcast, the proportion of time, duration and frequency, and strictly control the star child to participate in the reality show, effectively curb the speculation of the wind fan. To strengthen the social, entertainment news management, curb money, wealth, pleasure Starchaser overnight and other erroneous ideas spread. 7, star channel presenter and the registration audit, without obtaining the qualification certificate of personnel shall not separate program. 8, in China Radio and television awards.相关的主题文章: