Sansha emergency rescue information sharing and promoting international cooperation in Sansha news agency on 4 November, (Wang Ziqian Hong Yuanyuan) China News Agency reporter 4 from three Shashi Hainan province was informed that the city will strengthen the construction of emergency rescue system and emergency rescue to promote information sharing and international cooperation. Sansha Municipal Committee, mayor Xiao Jie at the meeting of the emergency rescue system construction discussion video conference, three location for the important channel of international air routes, dense, sea fishing scattered, many merchant ships, marine insurance to frequent in recent years, the emergency rescue task increasingly heavy. China provides strong security for the navigation of the South China sea. 2013 to July 2016, Hainan maritime search and rescue center (South China Sea) rescue 3396 people in distress, including foreign nationals of the staff of 94 people. Sansha maritime search and rescue center has launched 49 SAR operations, coordination dispatched boats 221 ships, 64 aircraft sorties, successfully rescued 1201 people, rescue success rate of 95.16%. Xiao Jie said that the current construction of Sansha emergency rescue system has begun in the sea, play an irreplaceable role in emergency rescue, to the platform, project and base, the normalization of the direction for future development. (end)相关的主题文章: