Sanitation removal and transportation vehicle frequently running red lights yesterday morning Yinzhou police had two vehicles checked early garbage truck in recent years, traffic accidents occur frequently around about the sanitation workers, especially in the early morning of the 5 to 6 this "darkness before the dawn", is to become the "black sanitation workers two hours". In view of this, the Yinzhou police launched an operation for subordinate squadron to carry out assault campaigns, traffic safety awareness and thorough investigation of illegal as much as possible to improve the sanitation workers. Yesterday morning 5 am, Yinzhou under the traffic police squadron 5 Bingfen Road, respectively, at the junction with Yinzhou Avenue Ning Road intersection, Tashan Weir Road junction, Guangde Lake Road intersection, Jiang Ning Road junction, Mingguang Road intersection card, and sanitation vehicles transporting waste red light malicious behavior. Less than half an hour, the traffic police on the road in Yinzhou and Nanjing Road intersection stopped a red light sanitation vehicles. After being stopped, the driver is more excited mood, arguing that wet slippery road leading to a red light. Then there are a sanitation car arrested. Yinzhou road in the senior middle school entrance, here the traffic police after receiving the card in front of the intersection "bulletin" after the sanitation truck stopped, because it ran the red light in the front, there is also no illegal card number after amplification. Early in the morning is the time of sanitation workers, but also the high incidence of accidents. On the one hand is the sanitation workers themselves traffic safety awareness, on the other hand this time point is dim, but fewer cars faster, some drivers still in a confused state, it is prone to accidents." Responsible for on-site investigation work under traffic police squadron Deputy captain Shi Jianhua said, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, they will be fined 150 yuan, recorded 6 points penalty on the red light of the sanitation car driver, but also will be investigated briefing to the relevant person in charge of urban sanitation department. In the thorough investigation at the same time, the traffic police department also sent a "safe" home. 9 this morning, Yinzhou Soochow traffic police squadron specially organized personnel to Wuzhen sanitation station, organized traffic safety training classes for sanitation workers. In the lecture, the preacher combined with this year, all over the country involved in sanitation workers traffic accidents, to tell the importance of the presence of traffic safety. At the same time, the preacher also told them about the rights of sanitation vehicles, traffic accidents after the disposal of the way, as well as common traffic accident liability and compensation issues. Police told reporters that the reason for holding this activity, because. On the morning of October 28th 6 pm, in the east Wu Da Ao Industrial Zone, a sanitation tricycle was a pickup truck knocked to the sanitation workers aunt Guo multiple trauma. But the traffic police finally identified Guo aunt need to bear the full responsibility for the accident, because she is the reverse driving. Sanitation workers this group most of the older age, mostly women, self-protection awareness is not strong. Many people subconsciously always think "the car would let me ‘so early should not what car’, so they are often retrograde, running red lights, crossing the road, crossing the zebra does not get off the implementation, these are very easy to cause the accident." Traffic police said they initiated this remediation action, is to fasten the sanitation workers on the seat belt, to avoid the tragedy occurs again. At the same time, they also suggested that sanitation workers in the Chen相关的主题文章: