Safa Lo Va cycling tour in East Lake expect to have good results in China (Figure) Safarova cycling tour of East Lake sina sports news yesterday, Wu net qualifying hot war, between Wang Qiang and Wang Yafan Chinese flowers "infighting" and is now ranked 29 in the world of the Russian super nova kazankina debut, which caused the the attention of the crowd. Of course, we also have the players "". This does not, Czech beauty star Lucy Lucy Safarova took advantage of the race before the start of the time, came to East Lake to co coach. The boat ride, riding a bicycle, to chant court, Safarova fun, refer to beautiful!" Tour of East Lake, playing the self, "Lai" does not walk on the deck in China first year, Safarova is competition, but was eliminated in the first round; last year, she was unable to han. This year, the opportunity to participate in the second Wu network of her, how can I miss such a good opportunity to visit Wuhan? Yesterday morning at 10, a casual dress Safa Lo Va appeared on the show in the dock, a good mood, she took the initiative to greet the fans and media reporters on the scene. Boarded the boat, Safarova conceal his excitement, while Czech with coach dance exchange, while watching the scenery outside the window, to use English translation for "so beautiful" ". When the tour guide China East Lake is the largest city lake, Safarova immediately asked to go to the ship’s deck under the personal taste of the beauty of East Lake. "My God Oh!" To Safarova on deck, see East Lake, the green mountains and rivers birds, she immediately took out his mobile phone, constantly self, also took the coach and his entourage took pictures. For security reasons, when the staff hopes her return to the cabin, she repeatedly shook his head, said "No", and pretended to hold the deck of the fence, "Lai" to not go. Such a move, so that the 29 year old Czech beauty looks extremely cute. Learn Chinese, riding a bicycle, to praise the Wuhan environmental protection from the boat down, Safa Lo Va came to the reciting pavilion. See so Art beats nature. ancient buildings and like Qu Yuan, safaluowa had a strong interest in, kept asking guide reciting pavilion the historical background and the meaning of. Subsequently, Safarova is praying for translator to teach her the reciting Pavilion Chinese pronunciation. After the study of Safa Lo Va also do not forget to learn to sell now, when the coach of the Chinese teacher, attracted the scene of the fans bursts of laughter. 11 pm, when the Safarova line to leave, the organizing committee specially arranged a few bikes, asked her if she wanted to try. See a green bike marked "Public Bike", Safa Lo Va asked why the side translation "there are so many bicycles", when that is to Wuhan city in order to protect the environment, promote green travel, she immediately thumbs up, and immediately will ride a bike. Thus, the team led by Safa Lo Va has become a special scenery along the East Lake side of the line. "Wuhan is really beautiful. I like it here." In an interview with reporters, Safa Lo Va said.相关的主题文章: