Russia fell 18% in August: China’s own brand stumble endlessly cut in August 2016, the Russian sales continued the previous figure fell by two, down by 18% year on year in. Because of the country’s economic environment impact consumption capacity and product strength was rolling, Chinese brand decline in August increased by 40%. In August the Russian expansion of Korean car mainstream decline according to the European Chamber of AEB’s car manufacturers Committee AMC, Russia in August 2016 light vehicle sales of 113749 vehicles, down 18% compared with 2015 August 138718 year-on-year; the first 8 months of this year, the country’s total sales of 895357 vehicles, compared with the same period last year 1052301 cars fell 14.9%. AEB chairman of the board of automobile manufacturers (with, pictures, inquiry) Joerg Schreiber believes that in 2015 the ruble exchange rate fluctuations, to promote consumers to buy a new car, driving up sales in August. So in August last year, the high base is one of the reasons for the decline in sales in August this year. Effect of the next four months sales volume is no longer a factor. AEB a total of 60 car brands in August sales in Russia, where the growth of sales of the brand to achieve sales of 36, sales fell in the face of the 13, there is no comparison between the 11 sales. In the sales of the top ten car brands, only a growth of three, the brand down, which the largest decline in Nissan reached 29.8% in. Over a million brand LADA, Hyundai and KIA respectively. Russian local brands UAZ and GAZ LCV also ranked the top ten. China’s own brand decline in the expansion of 40% in the AEB car sales data list, China’s own brand of a total of 13. In 2016 August, Chinese independent brand in the Russian sales of 2326, compared with 3857 in the same period last year dropped 39.7%; this year, 8 months before the cumulative sales of 20392 vehicles in Russia, the first 8 months of 2015 to 22289 vehicles, down 8.5%. August six China’s own brand sales in Russia fell, dragged down the total sales fell to 40%. In January, China independent brand in the Russian sales of 2323, rose 10.4% in February; Russian sales of 2534, an increase of 0.8%; in March the Russian sales of 2976, rose 11.7%; in April sales of 2780, an increase of 8.1%; in May sales of 2388, an increase of 1.8%, to June began to fall, fell by 9%, compared to July fell suddenly increased to 35.8%, the decline in August is not decreased, nearly 40%. In 13 brands, Lifan is the only one of thousands of sales of the brand, is the only one to achieve sales growth 2015 years sales of Geely car prices; also over a thousand, but this year only sold 205 vehicles, down 85.7%. Russia’s political and economic environment is not stable and the overall market downturn led to frustration, Chinese independent brand cannot survive. In the case of the domestic economic downturn, the consumer population is expected to lower income, it will delay large.相关的主题文章: