Rumor: really want to escape from Pudong senior high school entrance examination! After this year’s senior high school entrance examination scores, "escape from Pudong" the topic is rampant, Pudong parallel fractional line is significantly higher than a few of the downtown area, which allows parents to Pudong some felt in Pudong too jittery, suffer, the entrance pressure too big, is it really? First look at the past 5 years the four zero choice score in Xuhui, Pudong, Huangpu three areas: key high school lowest Toudang scores three areas: from the chart we can see that the same grade school: Four Zero volunteer, three regions have ups and downs; South Jianping, in addition to 16 years, Pudong Xuhui is obviously high, the other basically in less than 3 minutes; Datong Pudong Jincai stalls, significantly higher than the low score, Gezhi Datong, Huangpu one of the most comfortable but in the senior high school entrance examination; Weiyu Xiang Ming three District Yangjing stalls, began to zigzag. Pudong is the "big" Pudong, because Nanhui has a vast territory and fall, so the population base is too large, the proportion of education resources and the population is not dominant, as the focus of high school in Shanghai city the proportion is very low, the proportion of Shanghai model high school and the district population, but this does not mean that the Pudong academic competition just before a tragic, introduce the cross can really click on the senior high school entrance examination, review? Elementary school in which area does not matter!! The separation of families, children can choose to cross the school and senior high school entrance examination, the household registration two. As far as Pudong is concerned, the graduates who take part in a test in the early 20000, the final number of real people in the early 16000, that is, about 4000 people in the immigration test. With a focus on a little district and the high school, the Pudong Xuhui relatively is very advantageous. The focus of the Xuhui District fifty-four fractional line to 558.5, but sometimes also fail to win high school. If you have 558 test in Xuhui, it is only in high school. The general minimum ECUST Xuhui is 547.5, if you test 547, only in private high school or three. The same score in Pudong, a lot of schools and even the focus is still waiting for you! Click to play GIF 1K so overall, the situation in Pudong is not as grim as the legendary, no need to rush to escape. Really called the tragic competition, in fact, is a big Pudong small rise early training institutions enrollment. Pudong is a big education area, rich in resources, but good education resources are concentrated in the inner ring, especially in primary school: Pearl AB, division six, Yu Shan Fu Garden, two center, Changyi Ruihua school etc.. Many people have, within the inner ring of the chicken population schools collection, more high density. In addition, the training institutions are not too proud of her, you have to be on! Even a name has need to grab the seckill! Any school in pursuit of treasure dad Baoma who are clear, why not chicken in Shanghai is not remedial work,? Because the primary school classes with school classes are totally different, look at the curriculum comparison you know: VS the fourth grade primary school math teaching syllabus found, curricular and extracurricular teaching content is completely different! In order to match the requirements of the junior college entrance examination, the depth and breadth of the tutorial相关的主题文章: