"Rouge" Zhao Liying Tao Xinran’s enemies open tear Sina entertainment news by Xu Jizhou as general director, Zhao Liying Lu Yi, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Tao Xinran, [micro-blog], Yuan Wenkang [micro-blog] starring Spy Drama "rouge" recently aired episode, the spy thriller plot upgrade. At the same time, blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments) and former bestie Feng Manna (Tao Xinran ornaments) between that drama is intensified, the rhythm of the story continues to heat up, sparked heated discussions for the "bestie feeling" of the audience. The netizen is summarized ten bestie from the play along and ridicule "standards," rouge "is a bestie along opposite textbooks", from the reality of today to see the meaning of life. Blue Rouge von Mena love to kill bestie along users summarize ten principles in the "rouge" recently aired the story, Feng Manna joined the super high class was ordered to capture latent blue rouge, not only acrimony, even using a series of torture, trying to make blue Rouge yield two, bestie friendship ended,. Increasingly fierce conflict. The original dance good bestie, but now hold different positions each opponent, a sigh. Many female viewers have said in chase drama, drama plot "anti bestie objective too child heart pain, smoked Rouge", also the netizen said "part of the story is full of feeling". Some netizens said: "remember when I moved by sight, with bestie quarrel, if you can change a way to deal with it, we should still be good friends." Therefore, there are also netizens chase drama plot according to the summarized "bestie along ten criteria, such as" bestie who couldn’t touch "," respect each other’s personal space "," self not only P do not P each other ". The netizen said: "I feel completely not between me and my bestie these narrow-minded." There are also netizens; sharp words, put forward their own understanding of bestie: "I never said the word ‘bestie’, only good friends, good friends is a mountain like a sea of strong stable by people, not love to others with a similar show exaggerated words and the combination of" netizens "; rouge" plot elaborated his own views: "good bestie will always have the interests of the association, too close will only expose more lack of proper distance, perhaps is the way to get along. In addition to see rouge, I think in front of the interests of the state, to distinguish the pros and cons are more important than immersed in love." In addition to the above about the bestie feeling hot, some netizens will also get two bestie standards creation in comic form, fun and full of feelings. There are friends to "rouge" ridicule as "negative" along a bestie, in-depth analysis of the blue rouge and Feng Manna mistakes along the way, after two people buried under the dark rail. Rigorous review of the history is worth mentioning that, rouge in many details of the processing level has reached a high degree of reduction. After careful excavation of netizens, confirmed the rouge and many of the items set in the background, are highly reduced real historical background. For example, first appears twin sister brand rouge, by checking found that this brand of rouge.相关的主题文章: