Ronaldinho consider accepting invitation to play in? Have a year of unemployment [information] exposure Ronaldinho consider accepting an invitation has been unemployed for a year in September 23rd, according to ESPN news sports Tencent, the former World Footballer Ronaldinho received super club, he is considering whether to play Chinese. The 36 year old Ronaldinho occupation career resume needs no introduction, he has played for Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona (official data), Milan, Mineiro, Fruminen Jose, flamenco, athletic club won the UEFA Champions League, La Liga and Serie A, also follow the Brazil national team won the 2002 World Cup champion, two times to get the World Footballer of the year honors. But since September 2015 and the Pakistan Fluminense after termination, Ronaldinho has been unemployed for a year. ESPN said there are super league and the American League team sent an invitation to Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho is now considering accepting which contract, but the media did not disclose who is super club provides contract to ronaldinho. It is worth mentioning that the day before Ronaldinho reviewed the 2002 World Cup with Brazil national football contest in the social network, and hopefully in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, saw Guozu figure again. (Gerd)相关的主题文章: