Quzhou 90 home agricultural Bao Shan built "chicken king" reporter station at an altitude of 600 meters around the mountain, a panoramic view of the. On the ridge of the continuous planting yew, pine trees, tea trees, terraced fields planted corn, radish, pumpkin, green vegetables…… A few chickens eat lightly in the soil, a dog stretched out in the sun. Bridge view view, can not see the people around, people can not help but have a "this hill, I contracted!" The passion. "The house behind the sharp mountain, across the ridge is Jiande." A voice came from the ear. This young man is called Yin Chao. He is the real contractor of this mountain, a 90 after the farmer. Here is the Quzhou Longyou County in the north, Shi fo Xiang village. The Yin Chao family contracted 4300 acres of land here and built the largest alpine farm in Longyou. 4300 acres is what concept? If these hills flatten, equal to about 400 standard football field, 9 Deer Park, 29 West prairie. Shanghai, on the two word Creek at the farm, what Yin Chao are doing live, chicken, vegetables, feed, fruit picking, orders, delivery…… He did not spare the rash and too much in haste. It’s hard to imagine him living in Shanghai for 9 years now. Yin Chao home in the Shi fo Xiang Village, junior high school in Longyou, high school Yin Chao went to Shanghai and enrolled in the Shanghai city east middle school. In 2009, he was admitted to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology printing. In 2007, Yin Chao’s father Yin Yaochang had contracted the forest, planted 200 thousand yew trees, and began to climb the mountain roads, planting trees. Graduated from college in 2013, because professional counterparts, Yin Chao successfully entered the Shanghai tobacco printing company. "In the beginning, I work in the workshop, responsible for a paper in printing cigarette Feida link." Yin Chao said that the printing company is state-owned enterprises, good treatment, but the work is relatively boring. A year later, he switched to the Shanghai banknote printing company. This year, Yin Chao’s farm on the basis of the increase in farming farming, encountered a variety of problems. The first successful cultivation of 10 thousand chickens, but because of the outbreak of bird flu facing marketing problems. Also in this year, Yin Chao had the idea of farming. "I never thought I’d be a farmer." Studying in Shanghai for 9 years, Yin Chao has been very adaptable, but in Shanghai’s life, a glimpse of the future, perhaps to do agriculture is a challenge." In the family efforts, 10 thousand chickens were sold out, the Chaomeng Yin to help his father thought. 2015, the farm is ready to expand the scale of farming, Yin Chao simply quit his job, in Shanghai full-time to start the sale of agricultural products. In March this year, in order to better agriculture, Yin Chao left Shanghai to return to Longyou farm. He began to understand the operation of the farm, but also many of their ideas into the farm operation. A large part of the customer is a friend of the circle of friends, so he often organized barbecue lying, camping, beer lying prone…… Invite everyone to feel the farm environment and life. Yin Chao long tour farm, got the support of his girlfriend. Zhu Shu and his girlfriend Yin Chao are university students. Zhu shu.相关的主题文章: