The second Quzhou Zhu Yunke nominated national physics contest of middle school student 50 from left to right are Yu Qiwei, Wang Qiuyuan, Wang zhun1 before a National Physics Olympiad finals of the latest top 50 list in the educational circles widely circulated. Zhejiang high school performance is very eye-catching, accounted for 1/10, there are 5 students in the top 50, respectively from the Hangzhou king Wang Qiuyuan and Yu Qiwei, from Jinhua, one of Yan Bingrui, Zhu Yunke from Quzhou second. Enter the national physics competition of middle school students before the final 50 strong means in the national team, and won the qualification for a college. When other high school students are fighting for the new college entrance examination, they have to get a first-class university, Tsinghua University, Peking University admission tickets". In October this year, the examination examination, at city level areas of 7 selected test subjects, the examination is the largest chemical 6018, followed by geography, history, politics, physics, biology, from 5173 people to 4773 people, the examination is the least, 2007 people. Physical row reciprocal third. Obviously, now more and more high school students in the "hide" physics, why these five children hesitate "to" physical, but also such a cow? Yesterday, they told reporters, in fact, physics is not terrible, physical examination will not. Quzhou II Zhu Yunke – the first step is to learn physics, the basic concept of the clear sequence of events; in addition, a lot of physical formula to understand each formula, these are often the key antecedents and consequences, the teacher in the class, the class must listen carefully; if not clear, extracurricular to find relevant supplementary or reference books have different view; the point of view, I will find the teacher pointed out, must make it clear. Hang Erzhong Yu Qiwei: This is the third time I got for a college qualification! Because I scored three times national team. The first is the second semester, the Informatics Olympiad national team; second time after 4 months, I went to the Physics Olympiad national team third times; this time, the second time I entered the physics competition of the national team. I later into physics, mainly because of interest. Physics is the law of operation of the world, to learn physics means that according to these laws to transform the world, truly reflect the spirit of science. Tell me a little story about eggs. In the primary school, there is a "high egg throwing" game, which is not broken than the one who falls from the top. My mother is an engineering background, she taught me a trick to wrap up the eggs made of paper look like a bird’s nest. In the end, I won, and I thought it was wonderful. I began to wonder why the eggs were not broken. Wait until junior high school, learn the force to understand, then began to feel very interesting physics. Physics can not only explain the "eggs can not be broken," the wonderful phenomenon, the theory of physics can be simplified. Encounter problems, is no longer a complex calculation, but figuring out how to calculate. Hang Erzhong – physics textbooks on many of the concepts are often one or two sentences with the students who want to learn physics, this course is far from enough in terms of. In this case, I will go back to other books on the specific interpretation of these concepts. Understand the concept, in order to do. If you do wrong, repeat several times, the first time is wrong in where, second times, third times.相关的主题文章: