PPP concept into a hot circle of investment funds to follow the trend of the need to be cautious Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: PPP fund follow Shenxing – newspaper intern reporter Wu Juanjuan "PPP" is now investing in the circle of "hot words", "environmental protection related stock PPP+" and "PPP+ asset securitization" concept has become the weakness of A stock market star by institutional investors including public offerings, private equity funds including holding. However, the industry warned not blindly chasing popular, but should be prepared for the possibility of future opportunities ahead. The "green PPP+" Zhuixing cautious wind data show that 64 listed companies involved in PPP projects, more than 70% reported profit growth. From August to September 14th, the number of listed companies involved in environmental protection projects PPP shares rose more than 16%. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.6% over the same period, the Shenzhen index rose 2.64%. Analysts pointed out that many of the reasons behind the recent excellent performance of PPP+ environmental protection. First of all, the first half of 2016 private investment growth slowed down, as an important way of PPP to absorb social capital into infrastructure construction, steady growth, received strong support from the government; secondly, high return investment opportunities to leverage the background is hard to find, PPP show the prospect of induced concept; finally, the G20 summit released "loose monetary policy should not overdo sth." signal, the government’s fiscal stimulus will become the main driving force of economic growth. More than domestic and foreign factors into the concept of PPP inject hope. Under the above conditions, the excellent performance of PPP+ environmental protection "logical plate. In the long run, however, the trend of the stock market depends on the profitability of the project. The industry to remind investors to pay attention to the following risks PPP+ environmental protection project. First, the PPP project cycle is long, short-term gains are not obvious. Most PPP project cycle more than 10 years, or even up to 25 to 30 years, investment recovery cycle is very long. Guotai Junan pointed out that listed companies even have considerable PPP orders, the short-term income is not obvious, the possibility of a large short-term low. The two is a large hot plate, investors need to pay special attention to the relevant company qualification. A well-known private equity fund investment director reminded investors: in the premise of the "green PPP+" hot plate, the poor performance of individual Water Service Company have the opportunity to attempt to deceive investors’ signs of speculation. Three is the project income deposit risk. CITIC construction investment pointed out that some public environmental projects can not be profitable, the local government to pay the relevant costs. Such projects are often made by units to undertake the first advance project cost. For such projects, to undertake the party faces a huge debt burden during the process; after the completion of the project risk, the timely recovery of advance funds. PPP+ asset securitization hidden opportunities many fund industry sources said, PPP project can be combined with asset securitization, follow-up financing. Securities companies, fund companies can carry out preparatory work on the PPP project asset securitization. On相关的主题文章: