Port, force bearing area – Shanghai Branch Center main channel — people.com.cn original title: port city of science and technology innovation crystal "started, brain – wisdom project, Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute will be assigned to the port, the main force center section bearing area of Lingang city of science and technology innovation crystal" renderings. On the eve of national day, the port city of science and technology innovation crystal "started. The city of science and Technology Park landmark buildings by 3 towers and podium, a total area of 150 thousand square meters, 90 meters high tower, planned for completion in 2018. Earlier, in March this year spring, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai branch vice president Zhang Xu academicians led the project "Shanghai – brain Chi project responsible person came to port. "There are many returnees in our team, they love the environment here: by sea breeze, trees, there is a large industrial park." The end of the study, the engineering team decided to Shanghai – Chi Engineering Center is located in the brain port city of science and technology. Now, the construction engineering center. By 2018, a number of research institutions in Shanghai, brain Chi project project team, all Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Shanghai iFLYTEK Mdt InfoTech Ltd and enterprises will be settled. With the "brain atlas" and "deep learning" chips, "bionic eye", special robot and a new type of fuel cell and a number of exciting science and technology projects on the port city of science and technology innovation center in Shanghai stage, the main bearing area will gradually force. Build a brain science and artificial intelligence center of brain science and artificial intelligence is an important frontier in the field of science and technology, the world has become a national competition in science and technology "the military a hotly contested spot". In the opinion of Zhang Xu, Shanghai, located in Port Engineering brain wisdom, will strive to become the city of port has a global influence in this field. As Shanghai – brain Chi project manager, Zhang Xu told reporters: "human wisdom is the most powerful of all the creatures, if we can gradually invented intelligent machine to simulate human brain function, will be promising." To mimic the brain function more closely, the premise is to understand its working principle. Therefore, the concept of "the structure and function of human brain" is proposed by the brain intelligence project. In order to achieve this goal, first of all in the human brain imaging technology to achieve a breakthrough, to join the project, the shadow of medical treatment, is being developed to be able to scan the brain with a higher resolution of imaging equipment. This is a pipeline of "science and technology alliance". In the process of obtaining the "Atlas of the human brain, the brain -" wisdom project may map information sharing to all selected items of the project, including iFLYTEK intelligent voice processing system, the Cambrian bionic eye deep learning processor chip, Bi Chi bionic "". "We get in a physiological model of brain, first put it into the physical and mathematical model, the development of chip and intelligent devices and then on this basis, such ability in engineering to simulate the human brain." Zhang Xu explained. IFLYTEK is an active participant in the project. The general manager of the Shanghai branch?, iFLYTEK intelligent voice processing technology, especially in Chinese speech processing on the global leader, established by the thousands of servers, each "voice cloud")相关的主题文章: