The ants short rent to Xinhua 15 seconds, millions of red envelopes help Happy Halloween – tourism S queer as folk

The ants short rent to Xinhua 15 seconds, millions of red envelopes help Happy Halloween – Sohu tourism ants short rent jointly Xinhua 15 seconds to create millions of red envelopes, help the Halloween party, caused widespread concern about the industry. It is reported that the two sides jointly launched the theme of "Halloween, explore the H5 game has been handed down treasures" grand line in October 27th, and the explosive spread in the network television, Xinhua news agency Xinhua news client,, ZAKER, NetEase, news headlines today, every day, express a little information, Baidu news, free reading, Beijing time, Phoenix News, Sina News channel. Where the theme of the H5 game on the line only the same day, the number of participants involved in breaking through the million mark, opened a national Halloween carnival. Since August 2016, the performance of the ant short rental growth and a new round of brand offensive speed again. September to live on the eleven ants short rent popular outdoor advertising debut in Beijing and other major cities and second tier cities, access to a large number of National Day Golden Week travel users, the rapid occupation of the short travel market rent. October 10th and Sogou ants short big data research institute jointly issued the "2016 eleven" Golden Week "tourism short rental market analysis report", with big data analysis about the real face network "has become the new hot travel accommodation. In October 11th the ants short term upgrade release "tenant peace plan", launched the first short rent pension services industry security standards, the short term industry customer service level to a new level. Xinhua Xinhua network television is 15 seconds to launch the first ultra short news video client, with 15 seconds long video gold as the starting point, the main short video news market, let users in 15 seconds fast and intuitive understanding of the global hot news, is China’s first ultra short news video applications. The ants short rent is the largest online short rent hostel reservation platform dedicated to leisure tourism users with "ant" optimization of high cost short rent apartments, villas and other characteristics, inn Hostel wooden houses. Meet the family accommodation, enjoy the general comfort of home, 50% cheaper than the hotel, the local landlord to do the wizard, is a new choice for family travel. It is reported that the ants short rent 15 seconds after the joint Xinhua, said the two sides will continue to strengthen resource cooperation, jointly build holiday marketing activities!相关的主题文章:

In the northern part of the country there is a rainstorm the South will be the end of the hig cad2012序列号和密钥

Local areas of the north south high temperature heavy rain   will end – environmental protection – in Beijing in August 25, according to the China weather network news, yesterday (24 days), affected by cold air, the northern part of the region began to rain. The next three cold air will continue eastward and southward, from north to South China will see a process of precipitation, heavy rain in some areas; after the rain, our overall temperature will decrease, the south hot days will end. In the second half of the first round of cold air hit the northern part of the local heavy rain yesterday, the second half of this year, the impact of China’s first round of cold air strikes, the northern region, especially Gansu, Qinghai and other places to usher in rainfall. Monitoring data show that the last 05 to 05 today, southern Gansu, central Shaanxi, Hainan youth department, Shaanxi central and southern Hebei to the moderate to heavy rain, which Hebei, Huanghua daily rainfall of 148.4 mm, up to the level of heavy rainstorm. At the same time in the northeast region, Jilin unique, yesterday, a heavy rain, but also the country’s largest provincial capital city, the cumulative rainfall reached 52 mm. With the cold air continues eastward south, today in China from the north to the south there is a precipitation process, is expected to 25 to 27, the southern North China, Huang Huai, Jianghan, South Western, Southwest China, and Southern China, from the north to the south, there will be a moderate to heavy rainfall, heavy rain in some areas or rainstorm, severe convection and thunderstorms and other weather and heavy rainfall in some areas above, hour rainfall from 20 to 50 mm. Among them, today’s rainfall mainly concentrated in Shandong, Henan, Hunan and other places. The central meteorological station is expected to 26, 08, 25, 08, northern Shandong, Western Huang Huai, Jianghan Midwest, South West, southern Shaanxi, southwestern Sichuan basin, Eastern Jilin and other places have moderate to heavy rain, the local area of northern Shandong, Western Hubei, northern Hunan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain (100 ~ 120 mm), these local and accompanied by strong convective short-time strong precipitation, thunderstorms or hail and other weather. Tomorrow, the cold air across the Yangtze River, southern rainfall enhancement, rainfall center will be moved to the south of the Yangtze River, the north area is gradually restored to the fine weather. The South will be the end of the minimum temperature in the north or fall to 10 degrees after the rain, the north and South temperatures will drop significantly. The northern region gradually usher in autumn, the lowest temperature or below 10 DEG C; southern hot weather was "rescued", tomorrow the temperature range will be substantially reduced, 27 disappeared. Since August 11th, the high temperature in the South continued today, a wide range of hot weather will continue. To this end, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning temperature, is expected to 25 during the day, the Sichuan basin, Chongqing, Jianghan, JAC southwestern, central Southern China and other places in northern and Eastern Guizhou, southern, high temperatures above 35 degrees, the Sichuan basin, Eastern Chongqing, Eastern Guizhou Hunan, Western and southeastern Jiangxi, Western and northeastern Zhejiang, central and southern, northern Fujian, northern Guangxi and other places of maximum temperatures up to 37 to 40 DEG C. Tomorrow with the cold air eastward)相关的主题文章:

[Finland] demicheli, Zaire Horse Lake winflash

[Finland] demicheli, Zaire Horse Lake Lake  Saimaa, So many fun in winter! From Helsinki by train, to the north, I came to the beautiful town of Mikkeli (Mikkeli). It is a small town, because of Mikkeli’s urban population, but fifty thousand people. But in Finland it is counted with much land and few people, is a considerable size of the city. Mikkeli nestled in Finland’s largest lake Horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) next to the lake is the largest city, its history can be traced back to the century, and from the year began to become the capital city, is now the capital of East Finland province. Mikkeli winter, a world of ice, the ice is the beautiful Cathedral! Restaurants in the city, the pancakes are local characteristics, and the lake from the fish, very delicious to the city itself is not actually Mikkeli, but his horse Lake in winter. In his horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) on the north side of the lake, the lake in the forest cabin, not far from the border with russia. Early hear people say, this area is known as expected, this delicacy, a dinner in Finland is my best taste a variety of salad (mushroom salad, extremely delicious), the traditional way of salmon and DIY  smoked, pancakes, drink beer and Finland. Outside the snow, the gluttonous delicacy, a great pleasure in life. Second days after getting up, went to his horse lake ice lake fishing experience. Here to pay dozens of euros, you can unlimited fishing for a year. The harvest is not small, very fresh and delicious soup for lunch, ice drill in the lake, but the lake in an effort to live the day, almost every day to change the way you see, Finnish, mud covered with the body, the lake where it is windy, riding a horse sled run a lap, a cold snivel, but really fun by boat to a island called Niinisaari, there is a traditional way of life of the village we came to the village blacksmith   in the blacksmith’s tune, I made my works of this small island can be a variety of ways, for example, the traditional Finland sled or, wearing snow shoes, hiking in the forest in a tent a drink, feeling is wonderful Zaire Horse Lake in winter, there are a variety of ways . Stay out all day and try all kinds of winter outdoor sports in Finland. The first is the sleigh rides in his horse lake on an island, and then came to the lake, ride Finland sled around the village, and finally put the snow shoes, in a primeval forest on foot to see the sunset. Now get back to the house and warm up, almost frozen into a snowman. Stay in his horse Lake three four days late, leaving early in the morning that day, and finally to the sunshine, the beautiful, that music ah. Third visit to Finland in winter, so I completely fell in love with this "Mensao" country. The original Finland winter, can be fun. In zaire.相关的主题文章:

Obama appeared in the White House garden to help out without hands-on help was talk – in the new net 660003

Obama appeared in the White House garden to help out without hands-on help was "talk" – Beijing, Beijing, 7 October, according to Central News Agency reports, the U.S. first lady Michel on the afternoon of 6 last time as the hostess of the White House as inviting teenagers together for the White House garden food, President Obama appeared unexpectedly but, he did not help, was criticized by Michel "talk". Obama entered the White House in 2009, Michel opened garden on the South Lawn of the White House, the promotion of healthy vegetarian food. 3 months later, she will be with this piece of his own and create a garden to say goodbye, the afternoon of the 6 day of her last to first lady’s identity led the children to harvest, and Obama appeared unexpectedly, to bring you a surprise, but apparently Michel wanted him to do more. Obama took off his suit jacket, appeared in the White House garden, and shook hands with the children say hello, and he is familiar with the retired NBA heat player (Alonzo Mourning) chat. At this time, the staff handed him a pair of gloves, but Obama set on and off and then handed over to Michel, didn’t stop Michel for the first time and did not say what, unexpectedly, Obama later lead to encourage "come on, let’s go!" Michel said, "we look at, who is wearing a tie, said not to practice ah!" The scene view, Obama seems to be mourning a talk, there are a lot of physical interaction, but he is not good for Michel and the kids digging sweet potatoes, vegetables, pick out Vegetable & Fruit but, right and left in the garden, and friends to chat, group photo, Obama to everyone laugh photography small, and friends play together. To stay for about 10 minutes with no help from the White House garden, food, Obama said he had to go back to work, but he did not forget to kiss and say goodbye to Michel, Michel and their friends to now take is to do, enjoy vegetarian afternoon.相关的主题文章:

Psychology of love and marriage 5 kinds of silly white sweet most likely to be tricked into bed (Fig ricky lee neely

Psychology of marriage: 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed (Figure) 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed inventory of what woman is the most easily deceived bed in the small thing in this affair, a woman is definitely not a passer-by, they are often involved in. Out of curiosity for 30%~40%; and because women love each other and answer accounted for 50%, accounted for 25% in disorderly fashion was forced to answer, in order to satisfy the desire or curiosity accounted for 25%. In addition, women have the following psychological make it easy to be cheated by men. 1, some young women love vanity, vigilance is not high, always attracted to those young, handsome and highly esteemed graceful bearing, so "love at first sight", yishenxiangxu, lead deceived. 2, some young women tend to Natori "in Natori", only by a sign of the other party, a title will easily believe, which is a major cause of gullible. 3, the pursuit of novelty and some female youth in the current open social and historical conditions, longing for the "new" way of life, the pursuit of fashionable, exquisite dress often results by fraudsters as prey. 4, the lack of social experience of some young women are married knowing each other, because there is a feeling in love with each other, it is easy to believe in each other’s blandishments and meet the other requirements of a solemn pledge of love. When they find themselves deceived, just too late for regrets. 5, sexual defense psychology is not full of young girls’ sexual defense psychology is often not perfect, at the beginning of the sexual requirements of her boyfriend can also be rejected. However, by her boyfriend repeatedly asked, on the other side of the temptation, tease, slowly lose self-control, in disorderly fashion had sex before marriage, to leave a lifetime of regret. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章:

Hebei boy found no longer life fall well the characteristics of the local comprehensive investigatio g-area meru

Hebei boy found no longer life fall well the characteristics of the local comprehensive investigation of dry – Beijing November 6th morning 11 am, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun 6 year old boy Zhao Zicong, followed his father into the ground in Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped 40 meters dry. November 10th at 10:40 or so, which lasted 107 hours, Zhao Zicong was finally found. According to rescue workers, Zhao Zicong was found to keep the head up, feet down posture. Unfortunately, the medical experts confirmed the scene, Zhao Zicong has no vital signs. Rescue 107 hours later, the boy was found at 10:40 on November 10th or so, the long silence of the rescue scene suddenly appeared a commotion. Waiting for a long time, people found that the medical staff stopped at the scene rushed to the rescue of the core area. Hundreds of people waiting for news of the child suddenly had hope. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from a rescue department, has been found at the bottom of the bottom of a well pipe bottom boy Zhao Zicong. The rescue workers told reporters BYD, open the last section of tube wells, rescuers finally found the boy. Close to 11 in the evening, Zhao Zicong’s parents were taken into the rescue core area, shortly after the rescue workers out of the people have been waiting for the Zhao Zicong. When the ambulance take a child, all vehicles are excavators, forklifts and other Ming played a whistle, sending Zhao Zicong final journey. Since then, the rescue vehicles began to trickle away from the scene. When fighting for a few days and a few nights to leave the excavator, the boy’s grandfather Zhao Zicong kneeling on the roadside, to express their sincere gratitude to people. Around 11 pm, Lixian County County issued "on the rescue of Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Village wells in the children’s work briefing" on the situation, according to the rescue work of the deputy commander Wu Sujie, through the efforts of Hebei, Lixian County Zhao Zicong has found children fall into a well, but unfortunately, after medical experts confirmed that the child has no signs of life. BYD reporter learned that the boy was found when the position is on the head, feet down. Wu Sujie said, the dry well Zhao Zicong falling in the last century at the end of 90s, a joint venture built by several families, was used for irrigation. When the well dried up, people placed cover at the wellhead, but did not know when to be removed. At present, the local government has investigation within the county dry, in addition, caused the rescue of the pit of the position of the farmers cultivated land, rehabilitation work will be followed by. 165 cars more than 500 people in the rescue of Lixian County County bulletin describes in detail the whole incident, November 6, 2016 at 11:30 in the morning, Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Changcun villagers Zhao Xiangyang led the daughter and son, is falling boy Zhao Zicong, to dig in the cabbage, the child in the process of playing, accidentally fell into the abandoned wells in. After the incident, Zhao Xiangyang call 110, and to help the village "two committees". After receiving the alarm, police and fire personnel and village cadres rushed to the scene, rescue. Throughout the rescue process, a total of more than and 100 machines were sent out to dig out a total of 20 Lin Lin相关的主题文章:

Yunnan provincial Party Committee Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting Moses Chan presided o

Yunnan Provincial Standing Committee convened (enlarged) conference   Moses Chan presided over the local leadership, yesterday (30 days), (Yunnan) Provincial Standing Committee convened (enlarged) meeting on the implementation of the important instructions of the central leading comrades, to further strengthen the Provincial Standing Committee team of its own construction, further implement the comprehensive strictly requirements, further strengthen the current the implementation of the work of. The meeting stressed that must be in strong leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, do not change ideas, not to change the channel, the ideological stability and stable team, with a stick and then a baton, followed by a dry, unite and lead the province at all levels of the organization and the cadres and masses, and strive to further push forward the cause of Yunnan. Provincial Party Secretary and governor Moses Chan chaired the meeting. The meeting conveyed August 26th the Political Bureau of the central conference, study the province to implement the advice, stressed the need to consider the reality of Yunnan, strengthen the construction of medical institutions at all levels, improve the province’s health level; to adhere to the combination of prevention and treatment, prevention, advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle; to grasp the reform of health system, "three medicine" good health linkage battle; to strengthen the work of health and medical and health work, lay a solid foundation for the construction of health in Yunnan. The meeting stressed the need to further strengthen the Provincial Standing Committee of the team’s own construction, efforts to forge a strong loyalty to clean leadership collective. Take the lead to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series and important speech of Yunnan, the implementation of the "five basic", to strengthen the four self-confidence; should take the lead to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, resolutely safeguard the Party Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of this core, in thought political action on the same as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent; to take the lead in implementing the regulations on the work of local Party committee, provincial Party committee "to improve the ability of orientation and the overall situation, make decisions, guarantee the implementation of" to take the lead; inspire officer entrepreneurial passion, accountability, take practical action to lead the cadres people should take the lead in advance; maintain clean and honest Communists political qualities, and resolutely put it in front of discipline and rules, for the party organizations at all levels And the majority of Party members and cadres, set up a good example of benchmarking. The meeting stressed that to further implement the comprehensive strict requirements, and strive to create a delicate gas is the pioneer of political ecology and political environment. Strictly adhere to the ideological education, work hard on their ideals and faith; strictly adhere to the system of the party, all serious party political life and political ecology purify the party; strictly adhere to improve the style, perseverance to implement the spirit of the eight Central provisions; strictly adhere to the organization construction, the construction of high-quality cadres loyal to play clean "; adhere to the grass-roots party construction work strictly enhance the frontier minority area of the grass-roots party construction work scientific level; to strictly punish corruption, maintain clean and honest Communists political qualities; insist on the implementation of the responsibility to ensure that the work of Party construction into effect. The meeting stressed that at present, various departments at all levels should grasp development priority task, focus on steady growth and development, expand the opening to the outside, to improve the employment and livelihood security level, maintaining social harmony and stability of the fall)相关的主题文章:

Special report, LETV – Sohu technology crisis situation cibi

Special report, LETV – technology – Sohu crisis and "finance" reporter Song Wei Yang Xiuhong Zhang Jun / Liu Yiming the "financial" correspondent Jin Yan from Las Vegas Faraday Future, in the U.S. state of Nevada in the north of Las Vegas English factory name is Faraday Future EV plant, this is a do not exist in places on the map. The main road from Las Vegas downtown drove out soon, is a vast desert wasteland and the same dull mountains, a very easy to miss the white signs shows the Faraday Future electric car factory of North Las Vegas. This factory is located in the north of Las Vegas city economic recovery plan, the core area of Apex, next to a white medical marijuana facilities, actually far from the highway can see only the white semicircle type greenhouse. Although the news of the Faraday Future building in Nevada has been reported in the Chinese and foreign media, the car plant, which is a $1 billion project, is also a model for the revitalization of northern Las Vegas. But most of the local people have not heard of the car factory, and even close to the industrial enterprises and military facilities staff rarely heard. Many people listen to the electric car factory, immediately think is 400 miles outside of Tesla’s first Mega plant "Gigafactory 1", the factory is located in the state of Nevada, Dreas Sparks (Sparks), is still in the construction process. FaradayFuture (hereinafter referred to as FF) is a company founded in April 2014, headquartered in California, announced that it is developing electric cars will be down two years later, Tesla product standard. FF has become the strategic partner of LETV car in 2015, LETV announced to invest $1 billion to jointly build LETV super car factory in North america. There are a number of sources, said Jia Yueting has achieved a controlling stake in the company. Music, as previously revealed at the press conference, in January next year, as the strategic partner of FF’s first production of intelligent interactive electric vehicles will be officially released. Automotive News automotive media recently broke the news that, due to the default of the construction contractor Aecom $21 million in September, the project, the contractor issued a letter to Aecom FF, said that if 10 days still not received the money, will shut down. This is considered to be a sign of the Chinese media as a strand of funds strand breaks. According to earlier reports, FF North Las Vegas electric car factory covers an area of 3 million square feet. November 10th, financial reporter on the scene saw the entire plant is divided into three regions into the door of the three. The factory did not stop, but just after noon, only one or two vehicles in the construction work, to see some of the staff in the office building. Factory announced in April this year, the foundation of the building, but "finance" reporter saw that the entire plant is only two small white building and a large blue container, the scene appears cold?相关的主题文章:

China Medicine University alumni to donate 10 million to talk about entrepreneurship nothing new net homefront

China Medicine University alumni to donate 10 million to talk about entrepreneurship: nothing – Beijing, Beijing, November 14 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sheng Jie correspondent Jiang Chen) 14, China Medicine University alumni, Nanjing sanhome pharmaceutical chairman Wang Yong donated to his alma mater, 10 million yuan. As a typical business success, talk business, Wang Yong said, is to ask for trouble, there must be a dream. Wang Yong is a distinguished alumnus of China Medicine University, 1987, is now the chairman and general manager of Nanjing holy pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, director of pharmacists, senior economist. Has presided over the focus of the National 863 plan project, the national torch plan project of more than and 20 national and provincial key scientific and technological projects, has won the "Chinese 54 youth Medal", "China outstanding private technology enterprises", "Chinese pharmaceutical outstanding achievement award" title. When it comes to his alma mater, Wang Yong regrets, he recalled his university life, and Thanksgiving alma mater to accumulate their own work experience, the accumulation of knowledge, the accumulation of contacts, more important is the encounter love. For pharmacy students need to have the quality, Wang Yong said, the most important is the learning ability of students to cultivate autonomous learning ability; in addition to do drugs is the conscience of engineering, students must be strict in demands this is the occupation, respect. After graduating from college, Wang Yong, who remained at China Medicine University for 4 years as a teacher, chose to start a business and set up a new school of medicine. In the "public innovation, the entrepreneurial" today, Wang Yong said, his business for so many years, the greatest experience is to "nothing". "Business is very difficult, once the business no one to control you, if not nothing, always put things to others, not to think of more things, the development of enterprises will be difficult." Wang Yongru is saying. Wang Yong memories, from the beginning of 2002, the holy and pharmaceutical innovation. "This is a very difficult thing, but I think, although done (innovation) is not necessarily successful, but do not (innovative drugs), there is no way out, so be sure to do (innovative drugs)". Wang Yong said, in 2009 sixth China innovative chemical drugs and pharmaceutical was born in San and lion. In this regard, he was aware of the beginning of the challenge, it is difficult to face, many people feel incredible, is a dream, but a person should always have a dream." On the day of the ceremony, Wang Yong donated 10 million yuan to the China Medicine University to celebrate the 80 anniversary of his alma mater, the school said the donations will be used in improving drug education career development, play a major role in order to better cultivate national higher pharmaceutical talents. The same day the establishment of a joint school and university laboratories, training and market convergence of pharmaceutical personnel. (end)相关的主题文章:

The U.S. presidential election has ended, pa pa a new president of the nouveau riche countless car! mmc.exe

The U.S. presidential election has ended, pa pa a new president of the nouveau riche countless car! Sohu car in the afternoon, the latest news shows, on the other side of the earth during the election ended, Donald? Trump (Chuan Pu) Hilary by 276 votes against 218 votes? Clinton was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States. I have to say… To the people of Sichuan! Trump (TRUMP) because of its Chinese homophonic and known as the "Trump". But in fact, the great Chinese people the night stars, results published before will know the truth of the presidential election results… The status of natural needless to say, but most people don’t know is Trump before he was elected president on the rim son position basic no shake! Here we enumerate the billionaire’s nouveau riche nouveau riche car. Got a good hand sister ~ on the highway F1 Trump lady that car silver cloud 13 years in domestic auction 9 digit… Gold motorcycle Cadillac TRUMP customized version only buy some luxury car also will not Trump "Hao" embodies the most incisive, so… Finally, Trump offering a kill – – the Boeing 757, note that small private aircraft is not your understanding, is the real wave! Sound! Guest! Machine! A passenger plane with 239 Boeing Trump large sized aircraft, was renovated, become your own private car. Buddies brain can make up their own car… Then lengthened several times… In order to rival the US president’s car – Air Force One, Trump returned to his plane the nickname: Trump in 1. Look at this, the heart will inevitably be in doubt, what exactly is the two rich generation of Sichuan Hao running for president of the United States? Onion brother feel, may want to let us vice president Hao new height… Want to see more of the bunker car knowledge and cheats? In the "car onion" WeChat public reply ‘vice president’ and other words, there is more content!相关的主题文章:

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