Oral: her boyfriend lied to me when I met the mistress, love decisively after breaking up 7 years ago, I just graduated from college, and her boyfriend dwelling in the 8 square meters of the small house, her boyfriend is a man with humor and sunshine, although he lived happily, he also promised me that it would buy a big house, but that distress I can’t imagine the future of life. Later, I met a man who was engaged in real estate in Chengdu. The city is very elegant, his rich and romantic attracted me, he came to my city and I met, I was more determined to his woman, I promised to buy a car in Chengdu. At that time, I did not hesitate a moment, did not care about her boyfriend in every possible way to stay, with the city to Chengdu. After half a year with the city I began to feel strange, I found that the city never took me to see a friend, but also rarely accompany me to go shopping, and sometimes even see me once a week, after coming to bed, went straight to the theme". I propose to visit his parents, he was very upset, I later learned that the city had a family, and a pair of lovely twin daughters, and I was just lonely when he became the playmate, mistress. I have a strong sense of self-esteem, some of the collapse of the city made several times, did not change the results of the small three. Finally, I decided to leave the city. After the breakup, the first day is very hard, I often have to hate heart, but then I found a wedding company, have seen a lot of couples get married, some others cry laugh, even the scene of runaway, I will be relieved, because I know the feeling is risky. I began to forget the city, opened its own a small wedding company, the preparatory process is very hard but a big boy you have always been there for me, he is the host of our wedding, weekdays wit a lot, always can let me forget the tired, we naturally go together after the city looking for me, and I want to say good, can help the development of our company, I refused, because does not have the result love is bound to be unhappy, the city can only give me the material, compared with the happy ending, the material not worth a penny. Now I have 31 years old, and the king have been together for 6 years, between us, although there is no life but with vigour and vitality, is always full of joy, than those who marry into a wealthy family worried about her husband derailed woman, my life happy and simple. I believe there is an optimistic, humorous boyfriend with me, my days will be happy all the time. Article source (Ya Qingni’s blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: