On the morning of ice + hand strength dog abuse Fan Bingbing also staged head kill Chinese visual news on September 14th, Fan Bingbing, Li Chen, black and white couples dress appeared in the capital airport, night flying abroad to abuse a dog. Fan Bingbing was wearing a white casual clothes, wearing two cute ear hat full of girl’s feelings, while Li Chen dressed in black collocation black hat flavor personal flower. Night staff consciously missing let Fan Bingbing and Li Chen shared two people in the world, after getting off the car in addition to pushing his trunk, but also to make a hand to help push the Fan Bingbing, very intimate boyfriend force Max. Enter the airport, two sweet hand large dog food, Fan Bingbing is still very indulgently stroking the head of Li Chen. It is reported that Fan Bingbing’s visit to travel to the 64 Spanish San Sebastian International Film Festival in September 16th, because Bing Bing will usher in a birthday, in order not to miss this important moment Li Chen personally escorted to withdraw, and the company is indeed the best birthday gift. Director Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, Fan Bingbing starred in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" made the San Sebastian film festival main competition, Fan Bingbing will also compete for the best actress. Such as Fan Bingbing out of a fairy tale.相关的主题文章: